Golden Raintree Seeds

iluvbonsai(z7b VA)July 30, 2007

Hey everyone. I just aquired some golden rain tree seeds. The pods and the seeds are both wripe and ready for planting. Only thing is I have a couple of Q's about growing them. 1) What is the best way to grow them, 2) when is the best time to grow them, 3) would it be better to wait until late winter to grow them or should I start them now, and 4) if I wait until late winter to grow them, would the stay viable that long (basically how long is their shelf life)? I had some growing one other time but all the seedlings I had growing died. I don't want to repeat the same mistake twice although I can always aquire more of them.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Druse - Making More Plants: Nick and soak 48 hours. Sow barely covered (light may be beneficial to germination). 90 days cold moist, followed by 50-60F for germination in another 30-60 days.

In this mild damp Z8b, I would sow possibly Jan, cover with only some grit (or fine aquarium gravel) to keep rain from moving the seeds around, place the pots outdoors exposed to weather, for germination in Spring. If you lost your seedlings to damp off, there is little chance of that outdoors.

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iluvbonsai(z7b VA)

If I were to store the seeds until late winter would they stay viable until then? How should I store them so they don't dry out and loose their viability.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

You want to dry them if you are going to store so they don't mold and spoil. Take them out of the pod and put them on a plate or something where you can have them single layer. After several days, you could put them in a tin, or bag, and put them in your refrigerator but anyplace slightly cool with low humidity is good.

You're going to nick and soak these to let moisture penetrate the seed coat before sowing...

I don't find any references to these being only briefly viable, Fall or Winter sowing is recommended and that isn't the time the seeds ripen.

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iluvbonsai(z7b VA)

I guess I'll wait until late winter to start them. Thanks for the help morz8.

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My golden raintree stands along (no other rain trees), grew for 14 years before the golden fronds bloomed, but it has been glorious every year since. If anyone wants pods/seeds, since it isn't contaminated by other "green" raintrees, I'd be glad to send. Just let me know.

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