What to plant for privacy/hide a fence near maple?

bried621May 22, 2014

I posted this also in the conifers forum.

I am not a gardener, however, I would like to be some day. I have been reading the forums for ideas. I was hoping someone could suggest something for along a chain link fence in our yard. We have about 40/50 feet of fence that we would like to hide, and we are also looking for some privacy from the neighbors. This is a very narrow part of our property, there is only about 20 feet of lawn between the fence and our driveway at the narrowest point. There is also a maple tree about 5 feet from the fence. Any ideas, open to any and all ideas!
I will try to include pictures.

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Also we are zone 6 and we have deer

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Photo 2

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cecily(7 VA)

That maple doesn't look healthy to me. Please post a photo on the Trees forum for more opinions.

How tall do you want the screening shrubs to grow? I wouldn't choose a shrub that needs much pruning or shearing to stay the desired height because you're going to have quite a few shrubs there. Also, I'd plan a mixed planting with three or four different types.

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I just asked my husband, he's hoping for 15 feet. Perhaps the conifers forum is our best bet. Let me know if you have any ideas though!
I also asked the trees forum about the maple.
Thank you.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

I'd consider a combination of hollies, conifers, Pragense Viburnum, and maybe 'Skip' laurel if they are all hardy in your region.

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