Water hyacinth overwinter indoor?

newgen(9 Central California)August 31, 2011

For some reason, the rivers and streams around town here don't seem to have any hyacinths this year. I used to scoop them up by the buckets in past summers to stock my pond. My hyacinths went dormant over the cold months and haven't really grown back that much this summer. I had to buy them at 3 for $5. I'm thinking of bringing them inside and overwinter them in a bucket. Will that work?

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

I tryed to winter a rubber maid tub full of hyacinths several years ago from my garden pond here in Tenn and well it didn't go over very well. I even purchased a grow light and placed that over the tub and even setup a small water pump in the tub to move the water somewhat. about a month into this little project I begain having a tub full of mess.. I had placed the tub in the back bed room away from direct heat but warm enough for the plants to stay just cool and I had a mess...

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Hey, what is up Newgen!?

Where are your pond pictures? I would love to see them.

I am going to take a few of mine inside and stick them in 5 gallon plastic tote filled with rain water in a bright room and see how they do. I have been told they will not grow but will survive well. I have some in complete shade in the yard since the ones in my pond over grew and they are doing fine!


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HOLY COW.. ER FISH!! 3 for $5? WOW. I pay $11 for 3!!!

I tried overwintering 3 hyacinths a couple of years ago and by spring had 3 teeny, tiny little ones that never really recovered. However, I know someone who had success with it, so I guess it would be worth a try.


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Another member of this forum planted hers in dirt and stored them in the basement under grow lights. I think they survived as she had some this year. She is in Missouri.

May I add that I have tried the bucket method with no success.

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Hi all....
I am new to this forum but I have had my pond for about 10 years....and still learning....
this is the first year that I have had fish live and grow...very nice and fun...(I had put 2 goldfish in once and they died and so I just couldn't do that again) but this year and the last couple I have had some help with my pond and its doing very well, I have 9 goldfish and they are growing nicely....
anyway I am looking for a 60 gal aquarium to put them in over the winter and I was thinking I could float the hyacinth on the water and with the fish and water flow they might live...what do you all think??????
after reading what some of you said I guess I would have to keep a very close eye on them.....I really like ponds and am reading lots of what you all have posted....
thank you for all the info and pictures....linda
ps....Hi Mike....

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I have wintered mine over for the last 17 yrs. I pick off 4 or 5 babies, and 5 other delicate plants in pots and put them in the sunroom on top of a table in a clear plastic tub that is about 6 inches deep, 2 1/2 ft x 1 1/2 ft or so size. Fill with water and top off during the winter. They are tiny when spring comes but grow like crazy when put back into the pond-every year they take over the pond and many have to go to 'the pile'. The tub is crammed with plants and roots and last year somehow there was a little goldfish in there come spring. I didn't know he was there so he never got fed or anything. It doesn't cost anything to try it.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Would think they would over winter in 9/California Did you have an exceptionally cold winter ?? Though they go dormant at around 40 they will tolerate frost for sure.
They grow like weeds for me in s. florida. Interestingly have NEVER been able to keep them in an aqauarium even with halide lighting. Think the problem is too much water movement as they grow in a stagnant tub just sitting in the shade!!!lol Good luck worth a shot for sure. gary

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Ps..Hi Linda:-)))

After some research on these plants, I have learned they are like weeds in many parts of the world. Not easy to over winter and cheap enough to buy each spring.

But many have had success planting them a rich composty mix in a container then submerged into water that almost touches the rim of the pot. Sort of the way you would treat indoor bog plants. They require rich nutrients, especially potash to stay healthy. They are nutrient hoggers which explains why many probably fail at keeping them healthy all winter and why they help with keeping your ponds algae clean.

I think I will try one like this in a very bright window this winter now.


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newgen(9 Central California)

Mike: I will post up some pix soon.

My hyacinths did not die over the cold months, they just didn't get big. We've had a hot summer here, and the hyacinths that remained in the pond last winter stayed the same size, didn't grow at all. I know, 3 for $5 is steep in my book, especially since they were so abundant last year in the rivers around town. At least these 3 that I bought were pretty good size. I don't know, maybe I'll just try the bucket thing in a south facing room, next to the windows. In the winter time, I have very little yardwork to do, so I NEED something to keep me busy. Looking out at the gray sky and temps in the 40-50s get old real fast.

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I can't believe that I paid 6 DOLLARS for mine Newgen, and I thought that was a deal until of course I found out they are a common weed in many lakes and ponds, mostly an unwanted nusiance! lol

It is a good thing I only got one that spread to dozens that I have to keep weeding out..lol

Oh, did I tell you that I bought 200 crickets for my frogs and everyone of them escaped into my yard! My yard sounds very musical tonight.


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I actually threw a bunch of water hyacinth in a trough planter with dirt in my yard this summer. I flooded it with water. Eventually, the roots took into the dirt and they have done well. That is outside though. I am thinking about putting a few hyacinth in around a papyrus I brought in from my pond. It is in dirt, but I keep it really wet for the papyrus.

Since I have a million of them in my pond, if they die, no big deal since I am in Chicago and they will be dead by October anyway outside.

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