Ligustrum x vicaryi -- Vicary Golden Privet

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5May 16, 2012

i cant believe i want a privet.. after all the nightmares of shearing mom and dads in my teen years ...

but their neighbor has a gorgeous yellow one.. that is intensely fragrant ...

well ... weeding for mom on mothers day .. i found a small seedling...

is this the proper name??? will it come true from seed???

i will let it go free form.. still cant get over the shearing nightmares .. lol ... and use rejuvenation pruning ...

comments.. thoughts.. etc???


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I have two little Ligustrums in pots purely because I miss the ones I had in FL. I love the scent of the blooms and I especially love the smell of the wood when you prune them.
So I am growing these plants so that I can smell the cuts when I trim them in three years, LOL.

It only has to make sense to you.

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Yea ... Golden Vicary Privet kind of breaks the mold.

It can get big, ... but I like it.

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I received a very large cobalt-blue pot for my birthday...,it is 2 ft 4 inches high 1 ft 2inches inside diameter at the top and there is a bulging "belly" in the middle about 1 ft 8 inches inside diameter...I am thinking a lime-green plant would look that is rounded since the pot itself is tall and thinish...will a Golden Vicary Privet do well in this pot??...or aGolden Nine Bark?...I live in the Cascades east of Eugene zone is 7 but we can have some hard freezes and we do get some I look for plants that are hardy in zone 6...looking forward to your ideas...Georgeanne

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hi georgeanne..

the privet i found my babe under.. was 8 feet tall.. and 5 feet wide..

not really what i think of.. as a pot plant ...

being a privet.. it could probably be kept small thru bonsai-type pruning ...


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