What's wrong with my Viburnum Shasta?

greenhavenrdgardenMay 6, 2013

Last year I planted 7 Doublefile Viburnums (4 Popcorn and 3 Shasta). They are all looking great after recently leafing out EXCEPT for one. They are placed around the yard in different spots but all with similar conditions. I planted them all exactly the same the way.
Could this damage on the one Shasta be from a few very cold nights we had as the shrubs were budding? If it could be a fungus or something that might spread should I remove this one plant to avoid infecting the others? I did notice that the other Shasta's planted are growing a little more than this one has but not by much.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

They are placed around the yard in different spots but all with similar conditions.

==>>> you cant make that presumption ....

it looks like frost/freeze damage..

and micro climates can vary within feet of each other ....

if it bugs you.. just trace down and snip off the offenders..

i would surely not recommend any chemical intervention ...

the other side of the coin is that though mother nature can be erratic.. the odds of disease or bug affecting ONLY one .. is very high odds ...


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