Delphinium Seeds ... now what?!

MsTreenAugust 1, 2011

I harvested a bunch of seeds from my delphinium plant. I waited until the pods were brown and were slightly opening. I placed them in a small container and refrigerated them. Now what? Can i just plant them outside now (August 1st).

Any help would do. I'm brand new to the gardening world :)

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A 5 week cool period helps germination...
lightly cover seed soil temp 60F night & 65F days for germination taking 14-21 days to germinate... Store in a cold frame overwinter to have flowers next year....
Some species & or cultivars regularly have poor germination and/or vigor

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I grew delphinium from commercial seeds via the winter sowing method in 2010 and got lovely, healthy plants that bloomed this year. You might also check Swallowtail Garden Seeds' website--they include seed sowing instructions for all the seeds they sell, including delphiniums.

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Freshly harvested Delphinium seed will usually germinate without the chilling requirement of stored seed. Al

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