Yellow hybrid teas that are winter hardy

sara_ann-z6bokMarch 11, 2014

It looks like most of my 70 plus roses made it through winter okay, which is a relief. One that I am almost certain didn't is Mellow Yellow. I am aware that sometimes yellow roses are tender. Which yellow hybrid teas are the hardiest? Midas Touch has been hardy for me, are there others?

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

Golden Fairy Tale. Maybe not a true HT, as it is classified in various ways. Help Me Find and Pickering list it as an HT, Palatine lists it as a Floribunda and Kordes lists it as a shrub rose. In a way, it does combine some of the qualities of each.

For instance, it grows rather upright and thickly caned like an HT. However, while it will bloom one to a stem/cane at times, it typically produces large cluster sprays like a Floribunda. It also has the vigour and density of foilage of many good shrub roses and comparable hardiness as well.

In any case, I grow mine in a little area dedicated to HT's and it fits in rather nicely as it wants to be a tall, upright and well foilaged plant.

It is both winter hardy and highly disease resistant here. It also has a good fragrance. A personal favorite.

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Hey Sara Ann,
Sorry to hear about Mellow Yellow, but if itâÂÂs one you like, I wouldnâÂÂt give up on it yet. It may surprise you and spring back. My HTs and floribundas all seem to have fared pretty well through our crazy winter, but most had been in the ground a long time (several of my new OGRs arenâÂÂt looking so good, but IâÂÂm remaining hopeful). I did pick up an Eternal Flame on sale late in the season last yearâ¦I think it was in July, but may have been late June. It had been cut back to a tiny thing when I got it and didnâÂÂt grow that much before winter hit. It has made it through the winter with really no die back, so IâÂÂm thinking itâÂÂs pretty hardy. I donâÂÂt bury my grafts since it hasnâÂÂt normally been necessary, but I do mulch well with leaves and pine straw. EF bloomed pretty well for a tiny, young plant. Blooms are much brighter yellow in cooler weather, but are still pretty in the heat and its fragrance is to die for.

Here it is looking very yellow

And in a paler mood

Here is a terrible picture of it from late September, but shows how small it was...didn't get much bigger before winter

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Julia Childe was very hardy and vigorous for me in Z6b Connecticut. It was much better that Sunbright or Sun Flair or any of the other yellow floribundas, I found that over the years most of the yellow HT's were weak and a bad winter could kill or at least severely weaken most of them. Many like New Day or Oregold were hopeless. Gold Medal and some of the Austens like Graham Thomas were quite good but Midas Touch only survived for me but never thrived.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I can recall seeing Golden Fairy Tale recently on this forum and recalled what a lovely rose it is and remembered that it is hardy too.. Pat - Your Eternal Flame is gorgeous. I think either would be a good choice. I have ordered Julia Child and am anxious to see how it does for me. For the location I might need this rose a hybrid tea would work the best.

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Susanne27(5a Ontario Canada)

I can't say for sure until the snow goes away but I have Elina and it is supposed to be very healthy and hardy.

Congratulations on the success of all your other roses and I hope you will find a yellow HT that works.


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Thank you Susanne, I have always admired Elina, it is a very pretty rose.

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In years past, Elina was known for being virused. Mine was and I got rid of it many years ago and have not wanted to take a chance on it since.

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Henry Fonda is a very pretty HT, he that may be a gamble in zone 6. Sunsprite and Julia Child are beautiful, hardy , floribundas. Julia must be one of the most popular yellows and Sunsprite lives thru my Chicago winters!

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Adolf Horstmann is a deep golden yellow that's been around for a long time.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Henry Fonda and Adolf Horstmann are beautiful roses and Sunsprite is already one of my favorites. I ordered Julia Child for this season already.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Berolina is a tough yellow hybrid tea, very disease-resistant. Its blooms aren't quite as big and full and lush as we often associate with hybrid tea blooms, but it has a very attractive if slightly more subdued appearance--and it is also quite cold hardy. The yellow is a bit more "mellow"--not the garish bright yellow some hybrid teas have.



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catsrose(VA 6)

Look at the Buck roses, many available from Chamblee's, ad also roses bred by the Brownells.

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Thank you Kate and Catsrose - Berolina is lovely, I had noticed it on Palatine's website and given it consideration already. I agree, sometimes I like the more mellow toned yellows too, I'll have to check out the Buck roses and the Brownells too. There have been so many good suggestions. I do appreciate all of you so much, this is so helpful.

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