bad weather equals slow growth?

baxbAugust 16, 2011

These were sown in april-

Aster, dahlia, sweet pea, mini snapdragon, lobelia, sunflower, Poppy, larkspur, impatien, and viola.

They germinated well n potted on in may.

But none have grown to correct sizes. They look very healthy and green but are all so small.

Sweet peas are only 1 foot tall,

sunflowers are giant types but are now 2 foot tall,

The others are only inces high.

Its been a poor summer this year and forecast for more rain next few weeks. I have limited space so its a container garden which faces NE. I have a bedroom window facing SW.

Can i overwinter these in the window and hope for early blooms next spring? I have fertilzd correctly and also used a product higher in P with low N. All the other older plants also have great foliage and no blooms except for cosnos thats just started flowers last week. What am i doing wrong and will they last til next year?

they have plenty root space.

Is this due to bad weather? Or is it due to the NE face?

I sowed these expecting many cheerful flowers but i only have very green small ones. Last year the annuals i sowed were nice but it was more sunny. This year i think Ive had only 2 or 3 days at over 30 degrees and loads rain. What a headache!

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