Falling in Love Rose?

daisyhair(9 -Orlando)March 18, 2012


I bought a new rose yesterday at a garden show... CoolRoses was there and I bought a grafted Falling in Love rose from them.

The flowers are stunning on this bush but I forgot to ask any particulars re: it's growth habit! (very new to rose growing here).

Upon reading up I am finding it can get anywhere from 3-6+ feet tall and 3-4' wide?

This is my first Hybrid Tea (I only have a few roses.. the others are David Austin.).

Does anyone grow this rose? I would love your comments on this baby!

Happy Sunday rose lovers!


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kstrong(10 So Cal)

On Dr. Huey rootstock, Falling in Love is upright, has big stiff canes and is fairly angular.
On Fortuniana, my guess is that would be it would be the same, only more so, as Fortuniana is a stronger pushing rootstock that tends to exaggerate everything that is natural to a given variety. Roses on Fortuniana in areas with long growing seasons tend to get bigger in every direction that advertised -- so allow it plenty of room.

And watch out for those thorns -- Falling in Love is one of the thorniest roses currently on the market. Another reason to allow it plenty of room -- you won't be able to get near it once it establishes itself. It will fend you off by itself. It is named that for its thorns, btw. A little inside joke from the hybridizers.

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daisyhair(9 -Orlando)

Great info, thank you!

I think I will still love it but for sure need to put it in a different spot that I originally thought! I wanted it by a walk way.. sounds like not a great idea with those thorns. It is such a lovely rose though!

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It's a beautiful rose and great looking bush with outstanding foliage. It is also VERY well armed. Put her somewhere where she can be viewed. She will get black spot if not sprayed. Give it a year to get established then watch the show. I really like mine. I'm just very carefull around her.

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daisyhair(9 -Orlando)

Can't wait to see THAT show!
I will have to get some black spot spray.
I have never sprayed for it.. so far I have not had any. (I only have 6 roses.. four are less than a month in my garden.. two are a year old.

Guess I need to study up on black spot.

Do you "have it" on your roses before you actually see it?

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seil zone 6b MI

I had it a couple years back and lost it over winter. A friend of mine gave me another one last fall and I see it wintered OK this time. For me, of course, it was much shorter, 3 feet, because my season is shorter but I agree otherwise with all of Kathy's description of it, upright, angular and THORNY! It did have lovely blooms though!

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Daisyhair----Black spot spores infect the foliage before you can see the damage. I think of it like this. When we get a bad cold virus it is in our bodies before we feel the effects of it. As time goes on it nails us real good. A little treatment to help rid our system of the virus and make us feel good again :)

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daisyhair(9 -Orlando)

I just had to come in and say this is an amazing rose!!! It's such a beautiful soft pink/ivory and smells amazing. I was very surprised at the smell..

So far no problems (well not much) with black spot. I am spraying once a week.. is that often enough for down here? We have had more rain than usual and this time of the year usually is lots of rain.

I am so in love with this rose.. I have for sure already "Fallen in Love"..

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm glad you're enjoying it! Mine does black spot but I don't spray that often. It has bloomed it's fool head off all season though!

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Maryl zone 7a

I've been growing FIL for about 5 years now and it's not overly prone to Blackspot in my area. I only spray fungicides (Banner Maxx or Fungunex) when it's prime disease weather. For instance I didn't spray at all from mid June until just this week. It was just too hot (100+ temperatures). Last week high humidity returned and daytime temperatures dropped into the low 90's to 80's. That's time to start the spray schedule for me until I stop again when temps fall below 75 or so in Autumn. It works for me at least....Falling in Love is beautiful, despite the thorns, with a very noticeable fragrance. A good cut flower too. Here's a shot of why I grow it......Maryl:

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Beautiful, maryl!! Maybe the name is a little for the flower, too.

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seil zone 6b MI

Lovely, Maryl!

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One of my favorites too...but after the tragic error with the Roundup it was too late in the season to replace it. Sigh. Next year~~~

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