Tamarix...tamarisk...never really pruned. Some advice?

cadillactasteMay 25, 2013

We had this shrub ordered into our nursery. Non-invasive for Ohio. They said it was an old shrub that used to be used a lot. But because it gets a bit leggy ones have put it on the back burner.

Well...we've never really pruned it before. Last fall one branch was annoyingly in our way of the stairs. So I cut it back...(hubby got really upset)
But due to my pruning back a shrub that I thought dead...rejuvenating it. Has given me the understanding that indeed to make ones healthier they sometimes need pruned.

Well...this spring the one branch I cut back is amazingly getting longer branches almost and real full! Compared to the rest of the taramix...so I am itching to when this is done blooming and pruning bak come fall.

My concern is...how harsh should I prune it back? My husband doesn't mind the leggy look. I am curious if I could leave it leggy letting the top full in and giving it a tree appearance. This said...I am considering pruning back to the point I did the one branch last year. See if it will come back fuller on top. Or to prune it back hard...to make it a fuller shrub.

Anyone with experience that would know which this shrub could give me some advice so I am more confident with my pruning I would deeply appreciate it.

We also have one that I realize has struggled...half being chewed by the dog. Then to be placed in the shade which this is a sun shrub...it is barely struggling to survive. My husband wants to just toss it out. I am considering moving to full sun and giving it one more chance...

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The branch that is coming in full...that I cut back last year. (Only branch pruned)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

mine is going on 15v feet tall..and 10 feet wide.. yours is improperly sited ...

to maintain it.. somewhat smaller.. google: rejuvenation pruning of flowering shrubs.. and go to town on it .. perhaps giving hubby a valium first ...

seriously.. this thing will bury your house ... i would suggest you move it in fall ... after it loses its leaves ..

this is the third post in a row on rejuvenation pruning ... crikey .. lol


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Really they can get that big! WOW!

The house I seen it at originally which caused my interest in it...was an old house and the beds well established long before the estate took over and rented the old lady's house once she died. It was next to their house as well. Pruned each year...I've a few feet of distance in the back you can't see. But will plan on pruning it as the friends who rented the house was told to do to theirs. I'll just do it during the time my husband is at work. He wants to keep the height though...but I do feel it needs to be pruned down a bit to make it more lush and full.

I read to prune it back after it is done blooming. I seen one said 1/5 of the branch. Once I get the desired fullness I'll go that route.

Do you have any photos of this shrub of yours in bloom!?! I would love to see that!

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Here is a picture of mine.


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Frank...that is one beautiful shrub! I just have no where to allow it to get to its full glory. We just put in hardscape in the backyard flower beds with a huge waterfall last year. The majority of our land is wooded lots and a ravine.

I see your from Ohio as well. We've had our shrub a good 3-4years. You can see it just is slow going. Though I read pruning it helps it grow fuller. I also read that the roots grow deep to get salt out of the ground...thus the shrub is also known as a salt cedar. I am curious if it takes awhile to establish. Because last year was a first it had bloomed for us. Though only guessing...

How long has yours been established?

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The first picture is Tamarix ramosissima 'Summer Glow'.
I have several planted in different locations. They have been established for at least fifteen years.

Here is a picture of Tamarix tetrandra. It has lighted colored pink flowers and only flowers in spring.


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Very pretty as well! You must have a beautiful large lawn!

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steilberg(6 lou,KY)

WOW. ...where do you find this? ...tree.? shrub?

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Here are a couple more pics from this year.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey frank ... thx for sending gary over... you need to get him to GW ...

sublime pix .... they do have their moment in the garden dont they ...


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Chris_MI(z5 MI)

do you know that in some areas it is considered and 'invasive species' and should be removed and not planted. They are displacing our native trees and shrubs.

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This year is the first mine has bloomed more than sporadic here and there... I have been having ones ask...if it is related to the smoke tree...which I have no clue. Lol but it is beautiful in bloom...really enjoying it this year. :O)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

find the PROPER latin name.. no guessing.. and google invasiveness and its relations..

since the first latin name is different than smoke bush.. they are not closely related.. or it would be the same ..

i have had it in adrian MI for 13 years.. and have NEVER seen a seedlings.. let alone a seed pod...but i cant say i looked for one .....i dont know how it could be invasive in MI .... and somehow or another.. i have some vague recollection it or its kin were native in MI .. but i have to serve dinner.. not research that for you ... mmmm .. meatloaf...


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Thanks Ken...I didn't think they were related. Since they look nothing alike to me. But your explanation of what to look for when googling was quit helpful.

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Tamarix pruned...husband fared surprisingly well...saying he knows that I researched and I am the "pruner" of the household now. Did my research and felt real good attempting the pruning. Took my time and am quite happy with it. Looking forward to what spring brings with this shrub.

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steilberg(6 lou,KY)

where do you find tamarix? is it easy to start

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I had our local nursery order them in...supposedly if you stick a branch in water it will grow roots...but...other than two I am trying to turn into bonsai I tossed them all over the hill (the pruned parts) I found mine took a few years to bloom. Like it needed its roots to become established. But...I also never pruned it. And that may have been the reason...not sure. But mine was beautiful this year!

It is considered invasive in some states though.

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