is this algae different...?

vieja_gw(z7NM)August 22, 2010

I have been blessed for a couple years now with no algae bloom- just a few strands of string algae in the small 250 G. free-form pond. The sides of the small pond however are green with some kind of algae that is very short & clings like glue to the pond sides! The goldfish I see often go up to the side & seem to nibble/yank off on some of it & I believe I was told to NOT scrape this algae off as it was good for the pond? A friend (despite my warnings!) placed some 'pretty white rocks' in the pond bottom of his new pond .... & of course now has not-so pretty 'green rocks' there instead! That algae is similar to what I have on the sides of my pond but the friend's grows about 4 inches long & when trying to pull it off, it is slippery & just slips throguh one's fingers & sticks like glue to the rock surfaces (he has just new small 2 inch goldfish but mine are 5-6 inch older ones). Wonder if these two algaes are the same & should not be removed but mine is just kept short on the pond walls by the fish that nip it? The friend was amazed at the feet- after- feet of the long string algae he can pull out of the water! I luv the good feeling of pulling that stuff by the yard when I do get some growing; have to admit it is easy to do!

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sheepco(MN z4)

I have the short stuff too and my goldfish and comets do seem to nibble on it. I also have some string algae, but I think this is different. The stuff in your friend's new pond may be string algae if it's 4". I say that only because I have one 275 gallon pond that has string algae, and also the 'short stuff' and the short stuff never seems to grow more than about 1/4" to 1/2", while the string algae can be an easy 6" to 10" if it gets away from me :o)

I have never tried to remove the short stuff 'cause it makes the pots, pump and hose almost invisible. And the fish seem to eat it (I feed my fish sparingly). Funny, it only grows on the pots and the sides, not the bottom of my 2 ponds, and only coats the pots in my galvanized stock tank 'pond'.

I look forward to others answers.


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Thank you 'sheepco'! Seems we have the same green clingy stuff on our pond sides that the fish nibble at. Yes, it does cover the sides of the plant pots so they look less visable too so guess I 'like' that algae & won't try to scrape it off. My friend's 'green'- formerly pretty 'white'- rocks on his pond bottom must have the same green algae on them but the longer 'slippery' green algae on his pond sides doesn't seem to be string algae like he has had to pull out before (some 2-3 ft. in length!) but maybe just not old enough or maybe even another kind of that darn algae?! He has a UV light in the filter but to save on the elect. bill he doesn't run the pump all that much every day which may be part of the problem. Gave him the posting of a solar pump that one of the Pond posters listed ... sounded like an $$ investment but if it really works would be a cost saver in the long run! I feed my fish a little bit only because they look so cute coming to the surface with their mouths wide open when they see me (now when the dogs go to the pond they notice the difference :) & go to the bottom!ha).

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