Tall, tree-like viburnum identification help

seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)May 18, 2014

I know it's not great to ask for a plant identification without pictures but I'm having technical problems getting a photo from my camera to my laptop because the cablehas been chewed on. I will try to get a picture with my phone tomorrow and attach here.
I have a number of viburnums that I know what they are but this one is different. It is tree-like and has a beautiful growth habit. It's leaves are smooth (unlike the crinkly leaves of a "blue muffin", say). It is 10 foot tall and grows quickly. It blooms earliest of any of my viburnums so I never get fruit because nothing else is in flower at the same time.

The viburnums I have are: Cranberry Wentworth, Blueberry muffin, Cardinal Candy, Snowball, and I think I have a red feather. I have three that I'm not sure what they are but may be read feather, deamii, or Michael Dodge. Any chance my big, unidentified one I'm asking about is a Michael Dodge?

Unfortunately when I look at pictures online, most show close ups of leaves and rfuits. I would like to see a whole plant so that I can figure out what this big, tree-like one is. It's branches are relatively far apart compared to my other viburnums. It's flowers are large, flattish, cream flowers. They are unlike the snowballs on my snowball viburnum.

Can anyone give me any ideas? I am in zone 5b (Michigan). Thanks!

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viburnumvalley(z5/6 KY)

I think you have a Blackhaw Viburnum. Viburnum prunifolium can make a very nice small tree, but many times it is produced and sold as a multi-stemmed shrubby habit plant.

I'll hunt around and see if I have any good images of Blackhaw as a small tree. I also answered this question in your original posting.

Here's a big one in a KY arboretum, happy as a clam...

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seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)

Thanks Viburnumvalley! That is a beautiful specimen! AS far as I know I didn't order a Blackhaw but maybe it was mislabeled. It looks like it could be a big, filled out version of mine. I still haven't posted a picture. I tried taking pix with my phone but they don't show much. I need a good camera...

I kept track of the viburnums I bought about 7 years ago (Cranberry Wentworth, blue muffin, snowball, Cardinal Candy). But then I was determined to get a pollinator for my blue muffin and mail ordered three from two different places . I think I got two "red feathers" and one "deamii" but I had a death in the family at that time and didn't pay attention - I just eventually planted them. One I stuck in a planter and it struggled to survive until this year. It's actually about to bloom so I will finally transplant it soon. It's twin was planted in the ground and is 4X as big and thriving. I wonder if these are both 'red feathers' ? Another is in my front yard and is also about to bloom but I think it's a blue muffin and I got it from a friend. The one I am asking for the ID for is about 8 feet tall, has widely spaced branches, and is blooming now. The flowers are not flat, flat - they're a bit rounded and cream-colored. It's the best -looking viburnum I have when I think about it. And my cranberry Wentworth is huge (12' or more I think) and gets tons of berries but the unidentified one is a work of art because of it's branching style.

Thanks again. I'll post pictures soon.

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seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)

Finally got some pictures of it. pictures showing whole tree don't do it justice though. It's near my garage.

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket pictures

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viburnumvalley(z5/6 KY)

Viburnum lantana

You should really post your pictures here, rather than as a link to a site that will likely be broken - and thus no use to anyone interested in learning about these plants, which is the whole point of a website like this.

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seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)

So how do I post them here? The last time I posted a picture was years ago and I thought you had to use an external site. I'd much rather just post them here.

Could it be V. lantana 'Emerald Triumph'?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

find the HTML code ... copy it.. and paste it where you type;.. on preview.. if you see them... we will see them NOT the img code ...

its right there.. to the right of your pix ... in PB...

now that you know what it is.. what do you want to do with it ...

thats not it proper form.. you could rejuvenate it back into a more shrub like form ... or you can leave it in the tree form.. its yours.. its up to you ...

and do note.. though they tolerate shade ... trying to make it into some other form.. will probably take longer in shade ...

practice the pix posting ... and come back often ...


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seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)

I see how to do it now, thanks ken_adrian!

Actually I like the tree-like look. It is in a somewhat shady, but not hopelessly so, spot. Near some yellow peonies. I do have a cardinal candy viburnum that has the widely-spaced branches too. I would prefer it be more like a shrub but I don't have the heart to prune it and it gets berries so it's never a good time to prune. Now I want a Michael Dodge viburnum...

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