Transplanting apple tree

silkyjohnsonAugust 20, 2010

I started an apple tree from seed last fall, kept it indoors over the winter, and now that it has shown some decent growth I'm wondering when the right time is to put it in the ground.

Its about 2 or 3 feet tall, very skinny, but seems to be healthy. I've heard that the fall is the best time to plant trees, but is my little guy too small to handle the harsh winter months?

ALSO, if it is indeed appropriate to plant it this fall, what steps should I be taking? Are there special ways to treat the soil before I plant it, how should I get it out of the huge pot, etc. ? I am a gardening beginner, so feel free to answer my questions accordingly lol.

Thanks everyone!

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2A)go ahead & transplant this fall... soil should have some organics added & be well drained.
2B) it is very important that the soil be kept damp all winter long if ground thaws thenwater befor it frees again.
3) to remove from pot easest way is to cut the pot away from the soil ball.

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buckstarchaser(5 MI)

I would make that organic matter about one cup of soil gathered from the floor of a well established woods. Not the leaves and nuts but the black dirt just under that.

The microorganisms that trees depend on are different species than the ones grass and gardens use.

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thanks very much for the responses, good info

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University research over the last few years has resulted in some changes in planting recommendations. Now they say to bare root your seedling grown in potting mix and plant in your native soil with no additives what ever. I have two apples and a pomegranate to plant this fall that I have grown in containers, and I will use this method myself for the first time. Al

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Why do you want to grow this tree? What kind of seed did you start with? If you want apples, eventually, they may not be of high quality if you saved seed from a market apple. You must have compatible pollinators for any production.

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