New here can't get Sweet Peas to germinate

dancer40(9)August 18, 2011

I am talking about the flower Lathyrus odoratus. I am new at this but usually have luck with most seeds. I got some from home depot, some from park seed and some from a garden center. I soak them overnight and use the jiffy window sill seed starters-I don't have any grow lights or anything like that and I only do container gardening. One of the purple streamers from Park Seed has germinated but tons of others have not. Any tips on what I should do? They don't have them at my local nursery so I am trying to grow them from seed for my fragrant patio.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Soaking was a good move. One of the earliest spring sown seeds outdoors, Sweet peas usually germinate best at a little cooler temps - 55-70F soil temperature and with a reduction in temp at night.

In a Z9 you might want to consider Fall or late winter sowing these for your containers. This is Z8b, and if the soil/ground isn't too wet to work, they are usually sown in March here. Then we cross our fingers that it doesn't rain another 40 days and nights to rot the seeds :)

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Here in northern California, sweet peas do best sown in October. The temperature has cooled and they are started out doors, in the garden or your containers. Al

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Thanks for the tips guys I appreciate it!

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One point not made here, only relative to those planting in the garden or in containers, in the garden. When sowing sweet peas, it is wise to bait for slugs at the same time. I have seen gardeners complain their seeds never germinated, when in fact the slugs ate them as they broke ground. Al

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My problem was it was too hot outside. The ones I left inside just started to sprout up-thanks everyone.

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