New to SW MI; other members near here?

greenhaven(SW MI z6)March 3, 2014

We moved to SW Michigan (Berrien County) last December, and are now in a solid zone six. Our property is, essentially, a blank slate (as far as we know!) and I am very much looking forward to restarting my rose gardening.

I would like to know:

-good places to shop locally for roses
-if can truly consider this a zone warmer than my 5a in northern Illinois
-which growing issues are the most problematic

I have been told that Lake Michigan creates extra-humid conditions, and I know soil types can vary greatly. I will be hitting up the soil conservation office to read soil surveys so I know better what to face.

Three years ago I left behind 30+ rose plants at our house in town, so I am eager to start again. Interesting how my wish list has changed over the years. ;o)

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seil zone 6b MI

Hi, Greenhaven, welcome to Michigan and Garden Web! I'm in SE Michigan so I'm not familiar with nurseries on the west side of the state but I do know there are several rose societies on that side. There is one in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and the new Southwest Michigan Celebration of Roses. You can find contact information for them on the American Rose Society's web site.

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

Awesome, thanks! I was excited that the snow revealed a rather large rose shrub of unknown variety in our front bed. Probably a rugosa judging by the size of the hips. Will be exciting to see what appears!

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