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dmoore66_gardener(6)March 22, 2012

Is there a website that not only shows a picture of a rose, but also rates the rose, tells how tall it gets, disease resistance, growing zone, etc.

AARS used to do this but don't see it anymore.

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The closest I'm aware of is Help Me Find-Roses at the link below. You will usually find ranges of sizes due to all information being supplied by site users and the tremendous variation in performance from most roses from one climate and culture type to the next. Any information you desire which isn't there is due to no one volunteering it yet. Please feel free to add your experiences with the roses you like in the "Comments" section. No membership is necessary to access what you seek, but please also consider Premium Membership to help support the site and keep it healthy and alive. It's an invaluable resource. Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Help Me Find-Roses

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There are lots of places that have info: Help Me Find Roses is probably the most obvious source and there are gardeners personal remarks posted too. Vintage Gardens is rather good but mostly expert type advice. Rosenfoto.de has some info in HT. If you do some searching you should be able to find info both local and international. Sorry if I�m only posting the obvious, but these are sites I visit regularly and have for years. It�s nice to read books too, and there is a very good chance there are some by authors not far from you. For hybrid teas older used books can be worth searching for; Amazon and your local antiquarian.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

"Disease resistance" is relative to your area, so if you find a rose that you like, best to ask about disease resistance here, you may find someone who lives close to your area with experience. For example, I wouldn't say that any hybrid tea is disease resistant here in NJ.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

ALAS! AARS is dead.
Who'd a thunk ARS would out-live it?

The American Rose Society rates roses, based upon reports from members. The problem with their ratings is that they are averaged nationally, and so don't reflect specific local conditions.
IOW, in the beginning, we planted several roses rated very highly by ARS, only to discover that they were DRECH in our conditions.

More better -- contact LOCAL rose societies for area-specific recommendations. They WILL know which HTs succeed in your area. Be careful, though, to specify if you do not plan to spray regularly (or at all) as that would probably significantly alter recommendations.

And ARS can provide contacts for local rose societies in your area, so I would start at the American Rose Society website.


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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

DMoore, great information has been given to you by the experienced rosarians here. I very much agree with sweet Diane's advice about "disease resistance" being relative to your area. I would also add to that, to also consider your own personal micro-climate which also varies in what part of your garden you are putting in a specific rose. All of this applies, especially so, if you are a "no spray" rose grower of which I am. Here in my Spokane Washington semi-arid garden I have the luxury of growing the much maligned HTs "no-spray" without ANY disease problems. Many folks don't have that perk and have given growing HTs an understandably (in their conditions) a bad reputation.

Happy rose growing to you and all!! :-)

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