Transplanting Lilacs?

yugoslavaMay 24, 2012

When can you transplant lilacs? Before flowering or after. I need to do it before they get too big.

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Spring is really the best time. They stress out a bit when transplanted once warm/hot weather sets in. But they're resiliant plants.

I have to admit, though, our summer climate is so mild here in northern Minnesota (I'm very close to Lake Superior) - summer days are rarely hot - so I can get away with transplanting things just about any time during the season. Others will have different experiences.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would do it when leafless ... for easiest transplant ...

second choice .... i would do it after flowering ...

they are near impossible to kill outright with basic aftercare [PROPER watering, ask if you dont know what that means] .. and i dont know why you cant wait until leaf fall ... and just move it then ... fall or winter ...

and i would butcher it for ease of moving.. even if it meant i lost next years flowering ...

you dont really mention how big it is.. so its hard to be more precise ...


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Your suggestion to transplant in the fall is very good and we'll do just that. Thank you

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