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Estam(5)May 21, 2014

Hi all, Two years ago I planted 5 Arbs in a row approx 3 feet apart. All receive sun light but due to a tree the first three see am sun and the latter see pm sun. The first three are growing well and are filling in but the last two are not doing well. Behind our house any time it's windy, there seems to be a wind tunnel effect which effects the last two Arbs the most which imo is drying out one side of each arb causing that side to wither. My other concern is could there be a nutrition problem. I ended up replacing the worst arb early last year but still seem to have same problem. Any suggestions please.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i suggest some pix ...

what is the tree they are planted near ... if a maple.. then the maple is out competing them for available water ...

i grow many.. many arbs.. on glacial sand.. not much humus in it.. and i NEVER fert ... IMHO ... its just not your problem ...

its the tree ... or your watering protocol ...


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Thanks Ken, Good info.
Your correct, the nearest tree is an old Maple and is approx 25 feet from the closest arb. What watering protocol do you suggest?
Regarding fertilizer I have used the Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes, 4 to 5 sticks beginning and end of season, are you suggesting these are not required?

Pix this afternoon...

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