Boulevard Cypress

kathy58May 27, 2007

We planted a Boulevard Cypress on May 2nd of this year. The needles are turning yellow. The soil is very moist. It receives full sun. Any ideas what might be going on? Thank you.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there is a conifer forum if you dont get the answer you want ...

most conifers prefer NOT to be standing in water .... too wet could be worse than too dry .. IMHO ...

what kind of soil?

how did you plant it?

potted or ball and burlap??

any chance of a picture?


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I planted 2 small cypress boulevards last month (they are about 18 inches tall) the leaves are turning yellow from the inside of the branches out, the lower branches are completely brown, the tops are still lovely blue, I put some Supertrive (vitamine b) and no fertilizer, I do not want to loose them,the soil is moist but not soak--the temperature dropped to 40-50 for a week and it is back to 60-70 for a few days. I bought these in pots, and I planted them in full sun, where I use to have 2 huge hostas-- anyone please help!

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I also planted a Boulevard Cypress this spring. Unfortunately I didn't research this plant until mine also started yellowing and getting brown areas. Also, unfotunately I didn't bookmark what site had the information...... But.... if I remember correctly from what I read the plant is somewhat tempermental and will show it's displeasure if it does not receive enough water. While it was still in the pot I started watering like crazy and it worked. Then I planted it in a sandy loam and ran the soaker hose right next to the trunk. Because this soil drains relatively quickly I've been known to run that soaker hose, on ocassion, ALL day. In fact the particular bed that the Cypress is in stays moist the majority of the time. Not soaking but just moist. It has never gone yellow again and no brown areas (I pruned the old brown out). Blue all the way through.

Good Luck. I don't know if this will help, I just know it worked for me.



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The stems are turning yellow on some branches after a rough winter. Should I cut them out and if so the shrub would look terrible. I've put some Jobe spikes in the ground but this hasn't helped. Any comments?

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Interior browning or dead foliage very common with this selection. Eventually will lose a lot of interior growth and become rather sparse looking. Will NOT tolerate excessively wet winter soils and is subject to a tip blight that will kill off some exterior branches (similar to juniper tip blight). Excessive moisture on the foliage or snow remaining for an extended period will also cause yellowing.

FWIW, it is never recommended to fertilize a plant that is under stress. They are unable to metabolize it well and it generally just contributes to more stress. And fertilizer spikes are a very inefficient method to deliver nutrients anyway....better to apply a granular product throughout the root zone, if warranted.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what gal meant to say was the spikes ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY ....

you would not feed a sick child.. so why would you feed a sick plant ... in fact.. the law says you must feed children.. but most trees/conifers.. simple are not children.. and never need to be fed ...

reach in.. and trim back all the dead stuff .. to the next viable branch.. a live branch.. it will fill back in .. sooner or later ...


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Gardengal48 is right. This is a shrub that looks great at the nursery but develops ugly dead spots all over it as time--and not much time--goes by. Would never buy another.

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Same here Ginny. Nice when small, not so nice a few years down the road.
Let's just say that they 'don't age well'.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

a cute babe ...

a gangly teenager ...

and a butt ugly adult ...


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I've got one too. Eight years old-- The most beautiful needles at the tips of the branches--and the interior looks dead. It is still growing-- I reach in and brush off all the brown needles and that looks better. I ought to replace it with something that looks better.

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Gardengal48 and others are correct. Fell in love with this tree 15 years ago. Beautiful when young. As has been mentioned, it does not age well at all. I am finally having it cut down this week. Should have cut it down many years ago.

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ademink(z5a-5b Indianapolis)

I think in the PNW they probably are pretty. Here they become a topiary on their own. LOL

I gave mine away on CL as a "giant bonsai topiary". A man who wants to have a yard like Pearl (anyone seen that documentary..."A Man Named Pearl"?) was happy to give it a new home.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

No, they aren't pretty here either in maturity....just in cute little gallon pots at the nursery.

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