How to treat different types of Morning Glory seeds

rainbow_catzSeptember 7, 2013

I planted morning glory heavenly blue and morning glory jamie lynn, both from seeds.
The heavenly blue seeds are placed on cotton, and the Jamie Lynn seeds are on direct soil.

As for the Heavenly blue, they grow quickly, already have leaves and roots but the plant color aren't green (purple). Is this okay or I should move them to soil?

But I noticed that the Jamie Lynn seedlings on soil seems to stop growing these few days (they still have green color but no leaves come out, still covered with seed coat on their head). Are them too quickly to be planted in soil? must I move them to cotton instead?

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Move them to soil. Different varieties of MG mature differently. Mine flowers all year long because of my location. My mother's roses are in constant bloom, although there's very few blooms during the coldest parts of a SoCal winter.

MGs in my experience have a strange start, stop, start growth pattern to them. I'd move them to soil and just give them a light dash of fertilizer. Ideally at this point you'll want one equal in the three ranges.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

You wouldn't like how I treat Morning Glory seeds!

I rip the plants out of the ground when they sprout, burn them, spray them with roundup, and plow them under! :)

They are a nuisance weed around here.

I think that you could just throw them on the ground where ever you want them to grow! But then they will be growing in your neighbors gardens and everywhere else in a short time!

I'm not trying to be an a-hole.

But I just don't understand why people want to plant them!

They are very destructive and invasive. Maybe you don't know that?

OK, the blooms are kinda pretty to look at, in someones yard far away from me. But I think to myself every time that I see someone has planted them. Someone else is going to suffer because of this!

It is as bad as Kudzu!

Here is a link that might be useful: nuisance weed

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This is the heavenly blue morning glory update that I plant, they aren't purple anymore but now green ..
the Jamie Lynn MG also already has leaves
I want to see their flowers bloom soon :D
But how long? I truly can't wait...

Should I provide a stick for them to climb?

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Yes, you should give them a long stick. If you don't it will hook on to the other plant that I see in the background and choke it to death! :)

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What an aggressive plant! :)
But I like them because I love to see them bloom diligently every day

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Yes, now they're all on soil. I'm still watching them carefully now, but I still don't dare placing them on direct full sun, I'm afraid their stems will weaken or easily blowed by winds.
Do you put them directly on sun (since their seedlings) or on partial shade place?

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terrene(5b MA)

Rainbow catz, your seedlings look like they're doing well. Are you going to grow them in that small pot? They will probably need a much bigger pot and trellis. Where are you located?

My MGs climb up a 7 foot trellis, and usually they grow bushy and cover it, and start to spill over, except this year they did not do well because they were assaulted by the deer and woodchuck!

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terrene(5b MA)

Wertach, my Heavenly Blue, Split Personality, Cardinal Climber, and other Ipomoea cultivars are not at all invasive here. In fact it's all I can do to prevent the critters from decimating them and seeing a flower. Only one time can I recall a seedling sowing itself from the previous year's seeds.

Perhaps there is wilder MG that is invasive? I've seen a wild species growing in the woods, but frankly it seems tame in comparison to Oriental bittersweet and Porcelain berry and other really horrible vigorous invasive vines that grow around here.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I don't know what species we have growing around here.

They are pink, blue, purple, and a lot different variegated types.

Since you are in 5b they may not have time to go to seed?

Since it originated in Asia, like kudzu, it might not be able to take the cold winters?

Our soil down here in 7b never freezes for more than a day or two and that is rare.

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