How long will it take from sprouted seed to flower

rainbow_catzSeptember 17, 2013

I planted some plants from seeds and they sprouted (Zinnias, Carnations and Morning Glories), but for days they don't show any growth , they still in seedlings shape with height about 5-6 cm,
How long will it take for them to bloom?
Are there any acceleration factor that will influence plant flowering, I heard that if you want flower outcome, place the plant on a place full of sun, but if you want leaves just put them on partial shade?

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Hi rainbow,

I see you're fairly new to GardenWeb so Welcome! Regarding your questions, some seedlings will sprout and then not show any immediate signs of growth; what they're doing is developing roots.

You didn't say exactly how long the seedlings have been up or what kind of growing medium they're in. If you really feel they should be showing signs of growth at this stage, you could try giving them a very diluted liquid fertilizer (like one fourth the recommended amount). Most importantly, make sure you don't over water the seedlings! By far, more seedlings are killed by over watering than under watering.

Normally, the plants you've mentioned should begin blooming about 60 days after germination. Of course, it would depend on weather conditions etc. All the plants you've mentioned like at least 6 hours of full sun. Some sun lovers like even more sun, but might need regular watering in really hot weather.

Hope this is helpful, and I wish you the very best.


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Hi Art,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I planted the seed indoor :
Morning Glory : since 1 Sept '13
Carnation and Zinnia : 12 Sept '13

So I'd better put them on direct sun?
But they're still so small and have fragile stems, I'm afraid their stems will be weaken/ wither, or easily blowed by wind..

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Hi again rainbow,

Sorry if I misled you when I mentioned that your plants like full sun. What I meant was that after they have been hardened off and planted outside, they like full sun. Of course, you wouldn't want to move seedlings, grown inside, directly to full sun. By the way, if you have a small fan, directing a slight breeze on your seedlings will help their stems. Some folks use a timer to have the fan come on every few hours for a short time.

If you're unfamiliar with the hardening off process, there are many good articles on the web that explain that in detail.


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bugbite(z9a FL)

Hi Rainbow,

I planted some small petunia plants several years ago in the fall and expected them to bloom in the winter here in Northeast Florida. Nothing. They wanted a specific sustained outdoor temperature and light, then they burst into bloom in spring.
Each flower may need different temperature/light cycles based upon where they originated originally. Data sheets from seed developers tell the growers how to simulate the plants requirements to force some to bloom.
Another example, I am planting The new Sparkle Guara.
The data sheet says something very important:
"Flower timing:
--Sown in January for Spring production, will
flower naturally in early May to early June
dependent on temperature.
--Sown in July to early September for overwinter
production, will flower mid to late May of the
following year.
Point is regardless if I plant either time I will get blooms when the plants "knows" it is time genetically, about May :-)

That CAN be forced if you recreate the required conditions.

Some plants are not light/temperature sensitive; most are.

I personally like to look up each plant on the web to learn what to expect.

Some plants of the very same type, bloom at different times, life black eyed susans. I have some varieties that bloom in the spring, others summer and one oddly in the winter.
It is fun to learn about plants. DON'T get discouraged. The reason I love plants is because I am constantly learning. If one doesn't work for you, drop it and move on. There are many more to conquer.

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Hi Art,

yes, it's quite a dilemma for me.
If I plant them indoor for several days, it seems they become "leggy", their stems are stretched and very thin which causes them to be more fragile --> then when I move them outside most likely the wind will blow them easily...
I am thinking maybe seedlings are okay to be put outside, but covered with, you know, such as plastic bottle as "mini green house" so they'll be protected.

Btw I'll try your method of using fan,,thank you for the help ! :)

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Hi bugbite,

I also plant petunia seeds, from Mr. Fothergills. And yes it tells me the sowing time, etc, which takes 14-21 days.

How are your petunias then? Did you succeed in growing them? How long do they grow from seed? I sown the seeds since last month but until now they are still not sprouted! :( I have followed the instruction though

And now I can't find the seeds because they are so tiny, first their colors are white and sticky, but since every day I water them their white coats seem to melt, leaving the inner brown seeds and the soil is now look empty :(

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bugbite(z9a FL)

I had two groups earlier this year from seed: ones that came up on their own from dropped seed (self seeded) and the seeds I planted. They lasted until the weather got real hot.
How long did the seeds take to bloom? I believe the ones that self seeded probably sprouted about now (based on what I am seeing in my garden now). The ones I planted from seed were planted in Nov. They both just hung around as slow growing seedlings until they took off and started blooming, say early March. But if you are in GB your whole blooming period should be different from mine.
Attached is a picture. The white ones on the left are from seeds I planted; The colored ones on the right, in the circle, self seeded.
Just remembered...The ones that came up on their own (self seeded) are from a couple to plants I grew from seed the previous season. 2 plants out of a whole package came up that year. But those plants dropped seeds. When they reseeded on their own I had many, many plants. Guess they planted themselves at the right time. Didn't even take care of the seedlings because I didn't know they were there.

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Your petunias are amazing!! Wow... I hope one day my garden will be as colourful as yours.
So the key is patience and not to worry,,,even plant in nature are self seeded..
Btw yesterday I saw in pinterest about someone who has germinated her petunia seeds in just 4 days, by sowing the seeds in coffee filter and keep it in moist inside ziplock.
Maybe I will give it a try, hope my petunias will sprout too :)

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Thanks Rainbow,
They should sprout. Then move them into trays in the shade (outside if you can) until they are hardened and follow Art's instructions.
Good Luck,
PS. If in trays outside, move them to protection each time the temperature drops down to several degrees above freezing.

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Just had to comment on your beautiful home and yard. The plants all look so healthy and well kept. It's obvious that you love plants and have learned to grow and care for them in a way that keeps them happy and looking so beautiful! They may not be able to speak, but I know they love you too :-)


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bugbite(z9a FL)

Hi Art,
Such kind words. It's nice to know there are souls like you who would take time to spread joy to others.
I appreciate it.

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