Lilly's have not bloomed this year

mckool(7a)August 12, 2010

I've had the lilly plants for about 4 years, bloomed okay until last year. Seperated them this spring(maybe a bit late), fertilized with job spikes as before, no blooms this year. they are planted in matting covered with pea gravel. There are 2ea Koi about 12" in the pond with the lillies. When they bloomed last year and before there were at least 2ea Koi in the pond. they have been fertilized twice this year, the pond ia about 18"deep. Any suggestions? Thanks for your thoughts.

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I transplanted one of my lilies late this year--June I think. It has leaves finally but not blooming. We've had a crazy summer rain, hot then cold and cold nights but I think it was transplanted late. I don't know what matting is but if you've used it before is probably just that have transplanted late. They should be fine next year.

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The first thing that comes to mind is has anything changed? Are the lilies getting less sun due to tree growth or other factors? Are the Koi getting enough food so that they are not devouring the lily roots?

If everything is relatively similiar to previous years then the lilies are most likely just set back after the dividing and should be really nice next year.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

it doesn't sound like enough fertilizer. Most of the water lily tabs say to fertilize once a month.

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