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WatkinsjSeptember 17, 2013

Hello all,

I have been struggling with my yard since we purchased in April of 2013. This home is a new construction home with just dirt as a lawn. The heat in the area at the time was incredibly hot so I have been waiting to plant grass. Over the summer we had about a month of straight rain. This rain has caused erosion of the land and caused long trenches in the yard. Also the dirt around my foundation has dropped a full two feet in some areas. This was to be expected being a new construction but is has become so hard to keep up with. I have received one truck load of dirt from the builders to fill in the low spots. I have been wheel barreling loads of dirt to low areas over the last month and feel I have gotten nowhere! This dirt is in clumps that are impossible to break up with force. But I digress, the yard became a weed lawn in mid summer with crab grass everywhere. I have sprayed weed killer and killed all the weeds so now it is a brown wasteland.

My question to the forum is what is the best method to remove the dead weeds in the yard? Also would a tiller help me level out the yard and help fill in the eroded areas?

I don't have a lot of money to spend on this project and I have contacted multiple people to use a skid steer to level the yard and help grade it. Too costly in my book so I will continue the wheel barrel method to move the dirt. But I have considered renting a tiller to remove the dead weeds and to help make the soil easier to spread and level with a rake and shovel.

Any advise will be a great help and appreciate any and all feedback! I will see about getting better pictures for those interested.

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I'm sure that you can get a lot of helpful advise if you post this on the Organic Lawn Care Forum. They will tell you how to work with your soil to level and enrich it before seeding your lawn. Tell them where you are located in Kansas and what type of soil you have (sounds like heavy clay). I have learned a lot from them - they're the experts. Their FAQ is helpful too.

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Drive around the neighborhood till you find a nice lawn and ask them how they did it. They have the same soil as you.

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