Mexican Petunia- Morado Chi- True to type?

GAV65September 7, 2013

Thanks in advance for any answers to my following question. I collected seeds from several Mexican Petunia plants I found growing, that are the Morado Chi cultivar (the one with the wide leaves and purple flowers, that grows somewhat tall). Does anyone know if the seeds from Morado Chi are true to type with the parents? Thank you.

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I read that some seedlings of Mexican Petunia cultivars resemble the non-cultivar, wild-type form of Mexican Petunia.

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Maybe this would be a bigger problem for the white and pink cultivars of Mexican Petunia, but not the Morado Chi cultivar, as it already resembles wild-type, I think.

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bugbite(z9a FL)

Hi Gav65,
I grow the dwarf type. Actually they grow themselves. Spreading through out the garden. They look beautiful. Even though, luckily they duplicate as dwarf, sometimes they revert back to tall, which I pull mostly. Occasionally I get a pink dwarf, which I like.
I slipped into to calling them Mexican popping plants, because when it rains or you water them, the seeds pop across the yard. I remember once sitting in the yard. I heard a drop and felt a seed hit my cheek from about 4 feet away. The first new plant I got from seed was 12 feet from the parent. I thought the root traveled that far, not knowing that the seeds pop that far. At this time of the year they are one of the prettiest plants in my garden. Sorry I did not answer your question.

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