Browning and Dying Hedges

stephanie38May 7, 2009

The shrubs that make up my backyard hedges started turning brown, and two of them dried out completely. I removed them. I don't know their scientific name but I've always called them "spreading yews". I've lost those two shrubs already that were next to each other, and now I'm losing others on the opposite side of the pathway. The browning does seem to be spreading from shrub to the shrub, as if the browning is "contagious".

I'm going to lose all of my hedges if I don't find a solution. Has anyone run into this problem? If so, what's the cure?



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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

The most common cause of yew damage in my part of the country is too much water, especially in clay soil. Having said that, here in KS we had a swampy growing season last year followed by a dry winter. A number of yews browned out during the winter due to root loss from the wet season followed by drying out during the winter drought (called desiccation) - the root loss kept them from drawing enough water. Black vine weevil can attack yews, and also other pests but it sounds more like a moisture thing.

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