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aloha2009May 18, 2012

We have an afternoon sunny 20' 1/2 round area next to a garage that we are planting. Simple is the key at this time.

We have 5 Anthony Waterer Spireas awaiting to be planted in a semi circle arrangement. We will select a perennial to plant in front of these TBD.

This will leave us with approx. 10-12' by 4' of space for additional plants.

The criteria for this choice is.

1. 6'+ in height

2. one species

3. no thorns (electric meter must be read

Plants that we are considering have been

1 Purple leaf Sandcherry - like the contrast but would need 2.

2.Snowball Viburnum - good spring & fall look. Fades to a backdrop otherwise.

3.Ortamental Grass - would the sun even hit these being they would be between the garage and spireas?

We're out of ideas and not sure if any of ours are any good. Would love to get the plants while the nurseries selection is wonderful right now. TIA

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The purpleleaf sandcherry will give you beautiful light pink blooms in the spring. The foliage is second to none and would nice next to the spirea foliage.
I personally would go with that, because there is nothing like a nice spring bloom after a dreary winter.
My friend lives up north, she planted the sandcherry last year and she loves it!

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