Prune ground cover roses

mcauliffMarch 27, 2010

I have a some ground covers roses, they have never been pruned. They are very large now and I want to prune back. How far should I prune them? I noticed that they are starting to bud.

Also, Is now the time to transplant them? I want to move a couple.

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I have had the same ground cover roses (about 15 bushes) covering a strip in front of our house between the sidewalk and the street for 15 years. The area is about 4-5 feet wide and 60 feet long. I have always pruned them once a year with electric hedge clippers - it only takes about 20 minutes. They are thriving, and bloom all Spring & Summer, starting about now.

You are in a completely different climate than we are, so I cannot comment on timing re transplanting, except that here we try to do that when the roses are as dormant as they are going to get (here some of them never go dormant). Of course, you will have to worry about frozen ground, etc.

Re when to prune - I have discovered after two decades of experience that it really does not matter much when you prune, as long as you do not prune at all when the roses are just babies trying to get established (and in your climate probably not in the Fall when the new growth would get frozen). So, go for it! Don't forget to feed them.


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