I believe Ive discovered A unique Bullfrog

duddlydorightAugust 18, 2010

This has to be some sort of rare Bullfrog, because I have never seen one like it and Ive been catching frogs since I was a boy. Ive searched on the net and only came up with 1 hit.

This frog is actually TEAL. I have never seen a more beautiful specimen. Only thing I can come up is its just a teal gene that rarely makes an appearance.

You be the judge, I caught it and now its made my pond its temporary home.


I dont know how to post images so if anyone can fix be my guest.



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Here it is. But it does not look like a bullfrog to me.

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Oh good! You figured out how to get the photos to show up in your message. I did copy and paste the url's from your first message and was able to see each individual picture that way. I have to say I don't know nothing about no frogs. But, what I do know is that frog is definitely one if the purty-est croakers I done ever seen!

Seriously, now....that is a gorgeous frog!! I love the beautiful turquoise color!! I haven't had a lot of frogs around my pond yet and my cats do love to chase the ones I do have. However, if a beauty like that showed up, I would cheerfully strangle my cats if they chased it down and hurt it! Cheers to you for attracting such a lovely addition to your pond!

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rsingley(z6a NJ)

It's certainly not common, but in the "pet" frog trade these have been somewhat readily available for a few years. I don't recall which recessive trait this is, but it has something to do with the pigment levels in the skin.

I too spent many years catching frogs and have never seen one like this in person.

Very cool, congratulations.

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Wow Gary:

What a gem! Hmmm let me see, maybe if you have tadpoles I could swipe a few. lol

Here is how you post a pic in your thread.

1. On Photobucket click on "share" directly above your picture (in between edit and delete).

2. When the screen changes click on the "get the link code." Third tab on the top of the screen (between send email and send to phone).

3. Select "HTML for websites & blogs".

4. Click on the very first address under "HTML for websites & blogs". The one that says Full size.

5. When the entire HTML address is highlighted right click on it and select "copy" from the drop down menu.

6. When you go back to the pond forum start a new message. In the message area right click and select paste from the drop down menu. This should place the link to your picture into the message area of your thread. You will see the HTML address until you click preview message. Once you have clicked preview message your thread should appear including the picture. Once you see the preview of your thread you can make changes by scrolling back down to the message area right above the "preview message" button.

To make it easier for me I copy all my HTML links into a word document then select and copy all the links at one time to paste into my thread. Try practicing with some pics. Create a post called "practice" in the gallery to see if you can get the hang of it. Posters have done this in the past and nobody seemed to mind as long as it's in the gallery and not discussions or conversations. Would love to see more of your pics of frogs, pond, plants.

Good Luck!


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Oh sorry, Gary. Thought that was you that put up the pic in the 2nd message. Here's another one. I think this one shows off the handsome devil even better! Wish I could have one or three at my pond! :-) I'm jealous!

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Thanks guys and jenny, I dont know if he will stay but if he has tadpools your welcome to them. He is a bullfrog though.

As for the pet trade, how do you know this, is there a site i can see them for sale at?

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Looks to me to be a uniquely colored male "Rana Clamitan" or green frog based on the ridge running down the back from the larger than its eye "tympanum" which denotes it is a male green frog. Bull frogs do not have this ridge running down the back.

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I always thought they were bullfrogs if they have that circle on their temple.

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horton(6 b Ontario.)

I'd go along with "frogman4", though the ridge running down the frog's side to it's leg area (both sides of the body) is so faint in the photograph, that I find it difficult to say for sure just what kind of frog it is?
On a Bullfrog the ridge just curls around the tympanum.
Maybe you can qualify for us if the ridge curls or runs down the sides of the frog?
Beautiful looking frog, no matter what type he is.


Green frog link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bullfrog photograph.

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When I lived in VT about 10 years ago the pond on the property had many of these teal colored "green" frogs and they were all in the wild, none were imported tadpoles or frogs. I loved looking at them every day.


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that is unique

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