You have Cupid's Dart?

rouge21_gw(5)January 22, 2013

Last summer at one of "my" independent nursery I noticed a plant that I don't see very often for sale ie CUPID'S DART. The actual blossom was striking. I never did buy it and I do not have this plant in my garden. I am hoping you can give your experience with this plant in your garden.

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I really liked this plant when I grew it. It's not a long lived perennial, but it flowers like an annual - forever and ever. Easy to grow, short, easy to work with in the garden and that's all I remember.

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Thanks NM. Given its short lived nature maybe it is a prolific self seeder?

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I agree with ninamarie. Nice plant, short lived. Mine were not prolific re-seeders and have been absent from my garden for several years now. Every now and then I think maybe I should plant them again but then I see some other plant I want to grow and the moment passes.

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I grew it from seed via winter sowing a couple years ago & it came up the last two growing seasons. Germination from seed was prolific. I liked it for the delicate, lacy flowers + foliage--made a nice contrast with bigger-leafed perennials. I don't normally water my garden except for things that really need extra moisture beyond what Ma Nature provides and it never showed signs of needing a helping hand to thrive.

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It did not self-seed, but I often think my gardens are too full for even a seed to find a foothold.

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