Seedlings staying same size for months?

SavvySAMSeptember 17, 2013

I sowed some Spilanthes seeds two months ago. Three of the seedlings, when they got a couple sets of true leaves, I put into a pot and they exploded with growth. They now have tons of flowers, nice, big leaves and are thriving!!
The rest of the seedlings I transplanted into pots with the same soil and they haven't grown a single centimeter. They are alive and well, but just aren't growing. Another seedling I left in the seed starting mix because it wasn't big enough, and it's staying the same size that it was at two weeks old.

What is happening? And how do I fix it?? I'll go take some pictures and post them if I can.

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first two are the little sprout that has stayed itty bitty. Third are the plants that tottally took off and are loving life.
Fourth is another batch of sprouts that stayed small.
There are many more like that. The fifth has stayed the same as well. They grew a little more than the others in the seed starting mix and since the transplant, they haven't grown.

All the plants have gotten the same water and the same fertilizer. The little one though got a a little less fertilizer. I didn't really know what to do so i fertilized it anyway. All the plants are in the same vicinity and receive the same light.

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