growing a Royal Poinciana from seeds

arleeny2September 30, 2007

I just wanted to know if there was any sites where I can find info on growing Royal Poinciana's from seeds. My grandmother has a tree that I have grown up admiring! She gave me seeds but I have been trying to find info on the web and had no luck. If anyone knows any info on soil type, ph and watering info I'd appreciate it. Thanks

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

Soak seed in water for 4 hours then store at 40F for 12 weeks then lightly cover the seed soil temp60-65F & takes 12-18 days to germinate. pH of soil 5.8 to 6.8

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Thank you Georgez5il for your helpful information.

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I just soaked the seeds in water overnight and put them in a container of potting soil. I left the pot outside and they germinated in about a week. This was in July. Our daytime temps were in the high 90's, evening temps were high 70's to low 80's. They grow pretty fast and are already a couple feet tall. Unfortunately I have to protect them over the winter in my zone.

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Karyn: Fancy meeting you here!!! I was searching for info about buying Poinciana seed and about how to grow them. I should have checked with you first. (should have known you had one of these, too lol) ;0)I want to plant in my front yard. How do you think they would do in Z9B heat and cold Z8-9? Do you feed them? Lots of questions, as usual! TIA Gloria

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Hi Gloria,
I haven't done anything special with mine so far. I will say it wasn't happy when it first came inside but has finally adjusted. I don't know if it can take any freezing temps. I also don't know if a frost would just kil the above ground growth or not. I think it's certainly worth a try. It's a beautiful tree when in bloom. I've been feeding mine a balanced fertilizer, a little kelp and ST. I'm not feeding it at all while it's inside for the winter. I don't know for sure but it doesn't seem to be a particularly fussy tree, especially if you are growing it in a warm zone.

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Hi...I have read through the different ways to grow a RP from a seed. I got 2 seed pods that have about 8-10 seed in each so I have alot of seeds to play with. I have been on the internet trying to find the best method to grow them. I have read that if you cut a "small" piece from the bottom it make the seed able to grow easier. Also, a method of boiling 1- boil water
2- take the boiling water off the stove
3- put the seeds in the boiling water
4- after a couple of minutes add cold water until the temperature drops to 110 degres F (45 C): the water should feel very hot but not burning
5- leave the seeds in the water overnight
6- after 24 hours the membrane covering the seeds peels by itself
7- put in moist motting soil
8- the seedlings show up in around a week or less
I have enough seeds to try all these ways but I was wondering how "karyn1" seeds are doing and any other help or comments! thanks, M

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All I do before actually sowing the seed is stratify it with a nail file. It has worked from experience for me.

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