how can i make this work

loriquesAugust 19, 2010

Hello everyone. i was wondering if this would work and how i could do it.

i have a large bank next to my pond. the liner comes up the bank in one area. i have built up the side of the pond where the liner is up about 5 inches higher than the bank now. but i had to cut back part of the bank to do this. now i have a small area about 3 ft by 2 ft that is cut out of the bank. i was wondering if i could make this area a bog. the mud from the bank runs down in this area preaty bad and i worried that it may build up again and start running into the pond. ( that is why i built up the area to make a lip out of the liner to start with ). if i make a bog area will it over flow into the pond?? that is what i was thinking would happen.

any other ideas what i can do with this area to keep the bank from washing down into in and ultimatly into the pond. thank you very much for any ideas

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not having much experience with bogs or bog plants, the immediate idea that popped into my head was to go get some sort of Sterlite or rubbermaid container from a wally wonderland type place. The kind that is shallow and rectangular - the kind that is made to slide under beds.

Put that into the 3' x 2' area, backfill around it and between the pond and the exposed end of the container with rocks. I could be way off base here as what I'm picturing in my head from your description may be completely different from what the reality is. But, one thing is for sure, you wouldn't have to worry about mud washing out of the wall of a plastic container!! LOL

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might put a terrace or a drain pipe around the pond that would dump the unwanted water in a safe place. By holding the outlet at an elevation to hold some water it could still be used as a bog. If you put in a pipe it would need to be sized large enough to carry the expected run off.

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those are both really great ideas. i wonder if i can incorperate both of them.. that would be awsome. i could put like an overflow pipe in the container to run into the drain line around the pond. i love that idea. thanks a bunch for your sugestions. i'm going to take a pic tomarrow of the area so you all can see the area i'm talking about.

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