Would like 'Beauty of Moscow ' lilac info

suel41452May 9, 2008

I live in zone 7a (rarely zone 6b winters) and thinking of buying a Beauty of Moscow lilac.

I've read they get around 8' to 12' tall. Is this the size in all zones?

Or since I live in the upper end (zone 7) of its range, might that make it grow smaller than in, say, zone 3? I would prefer an 8 foot plant.

Also, can any lilac be grown as a "tree", like crape myrtles, by pruning?

Does anyone know how old/large this lilac has to get to bloom?

Thanx for any info!

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chrsvic(z6 OH)

I've grown this lilac - really like it, has long, white fragrant blooms. I think mine started blooming when it was 3 or 4 feet high.

These plants grow slow, but live long and have a large ultimate size. If you want to keep it at 8 feet, you can prune it right after it blooms. If you prune it at the wrong time you will reduce the number of blooms.

I wouldn't try to prune it into a tree form, its natural tendency is to grow as a shrub, with a number of stems coming from the base of the plant.

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I suppose if they grow slowly, keeping it at 8-9 feet wouldn't be so hard. The one I'm buying is 3 feet high, so I guess I shouldn't have to wait too long for it to bloom.
Thanx, chrsvic!

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Buy the bush in bloom. Even if it is only one flower head, the bush will keep producing each year after, when left alone. I purchased a lilac with a tag, waited YEARS for it to bloom, only to find it was mistagged. Not a red wine color, but plain lilac old-fashioned type. I was SO ANGRY for wasting all that time waiting for flowers.

Never again will I purchase a lilac that is not flowering. This makes sure plant is old enough to bloom, but is also the correct color I want. I got a Sensation, the white edged purple, blooming on a one foot high twig. The flower bent the twig half over each season, but bloomed faithfully each spring after.

My Beauty of Moscow seems very nice. Blooms well, on the 4ft sticks. Has a good smell, with nice flowers. It has grown about a foot since purchase 2 years ago. I like the multi-stem look, haven't tried a tree form.

I did braid some lilac stems, so they will grow together over time. This is an old-fashioned practice for interesting textured, heavy stems. It does look tree-like when they age, with a full crown. I will have to see how they do over time. I had seen old braided ones, wanted to give it a try. Braided some Rose of Sharon stems too. Braiding might be an idea for your tree-look lilac!! Will take a while to see good results.

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Around three years ago I ordered and planted two Moscow Lilac bushes. The bushes are the picture of health and are around 4 1/2 - 5 ft. high but i'm still not getting any blooms.Every year I make sure that they get the right kind of nutrition.What do you think is wrong?

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