loquat seedlings' leaves turning brown

tsquared27September 13, 2013

I propagated them a few months ago, and most have seemed to survive this far, but even those have begun to acquire a browning that starts at the tips and slowly kills the leaf. I first moved to indirect sunlight, then cut down on watering (it used to be daily, but now much less often). I'm still not sure what to do though, because it doesn't seem to have gotten much better. I couldn't seem to find anything on the internet that really addressed my exact problem. Help would be appreciated and thanks for reading!


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Leaf edge or tip browning is often caused by salt buildup in your soil. I would but the pot in a tub of water, emerging to the soil surface for an hour or so, then remove it and let it drain. From now on when you water, apply enough so that about 20% of the water applied, can be seen exiting the drain holes. I am assuming you are using a soil less potting mix, preferably bark based, and well drained. Al

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Keeping the pot emerged in water for an hour won't damage the roots, will it?

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No submerging for an hour will not cause a problem. The object is to flush out the potting soil of accumulated salts from previous fertilizer applications. Too often fertilizer dissolved in water is applied to dry soil and not flushed through the pot drains, thus an accumulation which causes leaf edges to burn. Al

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Thanks a lot! Will try tomorrow. Also I just noticed my incorrect vocabulary in my last post so I apologize for that!

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