Poppies stunted?

Karl69September 18, 2012

I recently planted some poppies in a peat pellet. they sprouted and grew to about 1-2 inches. But now they have stoped growing. i placed the peat pellate in a larger cup untill they are more istablished. for a about a week and a half now they have not grown any larger. ALONG with that, 3 of the 5 still have tips of leaves in the seed still. tried prying the seed of of one only to kill the baby seedling. :( PLEASE HELP.

Thank you.

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Poppies are a summer growing annual, not a tropical that grows all year. Try again in the spring. Al

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terrene(5b MA)

Poppies also seriously resent any root disturbance; in my experience you can transplant but only when very tiny (cotyledon stage or so) and then you must be careful not to disturb roots.

My poppies have always done best via direct sowing in late winter/early spring.

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In my experience, DO NOT EVER plant those "bio degradable"
peat pots or jiffy pots. Very nice starter pots, but they stunt the poor plants. Had some tomatoes like this. One was 2-3 feet bigger than its partner. I dug up the small one, and it was instantly apparent that the peat pot had stunted it.

My recommendation, (IF YOU CAN)cut the fabric off the peat moss, and leave the moss intact. find a place in the yard or a suitable pot, and repot. Dont disturb the seedlings roots.

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