damson plums from seed?

alexg(z5b ONT)September 30, 2006

Been a while since I posted here, but this is something I am not familiar with - hoping for some help.

My grandmother recently died at the age of 102! My sisters and I have great memories of her plum dumplings - yum. I went to her house and picked a basket of the plums - some type of damson plum. These trees are quite old - planted in the 1950's. I would like to try and propogate them from seed but I have never tried fruit trees from seed. Does anyone have advice on how to grow prunus seeds? I am assuming cold-warm strat - does one file or remove the hard outer shell of the seed or just plant the stone? If that doesn't work, will hard-wood cutting root if taken now (cool days of fall)? I suspect the house will be sold by spring. Can I assume that it is unlikely that the trees are hybrids or grafted given that they are so old - or not?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

My sympathy on the loss of your grandmother. We're missing a neighbor of close to her generation this summer; it's hard to lose the old folks no matter what their age.

Prunus domestica insititia - Common name European Plum

Mature stem tip cuttings in Fall, rooting hormone, should root in approx 6 weeks.

Sow seed outdoors in Fall, scrubbed of pulp, about 2" deep. These need a long cold moist period - you could also put seed in a baggie with a little moist sterile sand or vermiculite and store in your refrigerator 4-5 months, sow when it has warmed in Spring.

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