Three shrubs I am considering...pros and cons of each

cadillactasteMay 9, 2013

I have a ravine hill beside the yard. Most wooded...but the area beside the waterfall is not.

I have a bird feeding patio not far from this area I wish to plant a shrub that in all honesty will most likely not get pruned once in due to the steepness of the hill. Figured to put rocks up against the rootball in a retaining wall sort of way to help hold the plant on the hill and the dirt not washing out from under it.

Up for consideration...

Winterberry: because of the berries it produces come winter. Think it would add some beautiful color as well as an additional food source for the birds.

Weeping butterfly bush: I have admired one since someone from town landscaped with it and I researched what it was.

Weigela: my husband is fond of the neighbors shrub.

Any reason that I should take one off my list or consider one over the other?

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Winterberry is the only native choice, so I would be partial to that. But hollies are male and female so be sure to buy a labeled female (males have gender specific names like Southern Gentleman and Jim Dandy) and you'll need a male somewhere in the vicinity for pollination to get the berries on the female.

A native viburnum might also be an idea. Or ninebark makes a nice arching vase. All these would look better left unpruned so your idea of not having to prune them is good.

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Great! Thanks for the information great advice...much appreciated! The winterberry yes...I found that off a list of things native to our area. Sort of would like putting something there to look as it may have always been there once established.

I'll look into the other two you suggested as well. Always open for suggestion.

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