Pansies from seeds

jeannieNYC(6)October 15, 2012

I would like some help with growing pansies from seeds. I've googled and read forums about "pansies from seeds" and I have found different advice on how to grow pansies from seeds. I have read on blogs/forums that pansy seeds require about a week of darkness before they will germinate but and I have read elsewhere where people were successful in germinating pansy seeds without having to place them in a dark (and cool) place. Plus, the instructions on the seed packet did not say i would need to place them in a dark place. I am starting these seeds indoors with a seed starting tray.

I have planted the pansy seeds for two weeks now and so far, no germination. It is placed by a window that has blinds so no direct sun is hitting it but does get some filtered light through. I have read that it may take 2 to 3 weeks for germination but if i don't see anything by the end of this week, does someone have a recommendation? Or should i just place the tray some place dark and cool?

I'm in the NYC area, which i believe is a zone 6.

Can someone shed some light on whether i have to place the seed starting tray in a dark and cool place in order to get the pansy seeds to germinate?

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i have been germinating/growing pansies for over 20 years using the following info
1) MUST use seed within 6 months of collection....Some varities & cultivars regullary have poor germination rates & poor vigor.
2) store seed at 40F for 7 days
3)Lightly cover the seed soil temp 65-70F for germination that takes 10 days

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Jeannie - could you describe your "seed starting tray"? My company grows millions of pansies every year. We germinate in a cool chamber, set at 62 degrees with high humidity, and the seeds are covered lightly. Keeping the seed moist is a must. If your seeds are sitting on the surface, it is highly probable that they are drying out or baking.

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Thank you yiorges-z5il and goblugal for your response.

@goblugal i am using jiffy peat pots with potting mix. i sprayed with water after i planted, the seeds were lightly covered with potting mix. They are kept in a plastic tray with clear plastic cover by the window with blinds (filtered sunlight). I am planning to get Burpee seed starting tray.

@yiorges-z5il I will try your method and see if anything germinates. i got the seeds about 6 months ago (April). I will place the seeds in the refrigerator - maybe that will help?

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You should be able to germinate pansies between damp paper towels in about 6 says. I'm going to guess that your seed isn't viable, or you cooked them in the dome.

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@ goblugal - i placed the rest of the seeds (packet) in the refrigerator. If I place seeds between damp paper towels where do i place them? In the "dome"? in a plastic bag and in the refrigerator?

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Definitely not the fridge - they are usually about 40 degrees. Somewhere cool, around 60, where you can keep the paper towels damp. If you don't see the radicals emerging by 10 days, I would say your seed is bad.

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Thank you @goblugal

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I wonder if shelf life of pansy seed could be extended by freezer storage? This method is working well for germination of my older spinach seeds.

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