Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing Questions

empgardeningOctober 5, 2011

Hi all,

I know that there has been some discussion on this board about using a foodsaver vacuum sealer to store seeds. I had a few additional questions.

1) I'm interested in very long term storage, and I heard that you can freeze seeds to keep them viable for many years. Is there anything wrong with sealing seeds in a vacuum sealed bag and tossing the bag into the freezer? How long do you think they would last?

2) I know that humidity control is as important and temperature control, but is letting the seeds get too dry a big problem, esp for extremely long term storage? I have been thinking about sealing the seeds with a pack of silica desiccant, but would this take away too much moisture?

Any help is appreciated!

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If anybody has experience with sealing and or freezing seeds with packets of silica desiccant I'd love to hear what type of packets you used.

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Ok so I did a bit more digging around and pulled up some interesting facts:

1) Contrary to what a lot of people say, drying seeds to 0% humidity might not be bad, according to this site:

2) Certain seeds can be dried "desiccation-tolerant":

Any additional comments would be appreciated!

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I think you would learn a lot by reading the work of Norman C Deno. The professor spend many years experimenting with seed viability and storage. His work is now free on the internet. Look under his name or 'Seed Germination Theory and Practice'. Al

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