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copanoladyAugust 29, 2010

My pond has just been enlarged and was completely redone. It's in a corner of a courtyard and I guess other details are not important at this time, but I have an urgent question ~ please respond right away if possible.

It is concrete and the person putting it in for me is doing a great job but....the nearly last step is sealing it. He is using an epoxy type paint called 'Aqua Seal' which is supposed to be O.K. for fish and plants but it's the color I'm unhappy with. The only choices were 2 shades of blue, black or white. The walls are flagstone and I'm trying to keep it as natural as possible. I didn't like the idea of blue and black (seemed like it would be too dark & spooky looking) so I went with white which I don't like. It looks too glarey~ now, I don't know what to do. He has only applied one coat and wanted to come back tomorrow and do another.

It's quite expensive but I would be willing to forgo the 2nd coat and waste it if I can change the color. Can it be tinted? I wanted tan or even gray. If not tinted, can it be painted over after the 2nd coat of white? Please help, he doesn't know yet that I'm unhappy with it and I hate to tell him but if I can change it, I want to.

Thank you,


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Pond liners are usually black because once filled with water it sort of disappears. Blue would look too much like a swimming pool, and either blue or white will be hard to hide when the water level drops. A black pond liner really doesn't look spooky with the water sparkling and fish swimming. Any liner quickly becomes covered with algae and sediment, but I really think the white would show through too much.

I imagine your installer can do the second coat in black without a problem. Or maybe mix some of the remaining white into a can of black so it doesn't seem too stark a contrast with your stone walls.

Now that I've made a case for black, I will admit that my rubber liner is charcoal gray. I used roofing rubber and it just turned out that way -- I got lucky. Any part of it that shows is less obtrusive than black would be.

So yeah, white and black epoxies mixed might work for you.

Good luck.

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Thank you Sharon ~ That's a good idea - I wonder if we (he) can get a smaller can of black - grey would be good, I really wanted grey or tan. I hadn't thought of mixing a smaller can (it's so darn expensive) $100. gal. ~ Gack. If not, why couldn't it just be painted over maybe? I'm really disappointed, the white just too....white!

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I don't blame you about the white. If you were to paint it, again you'd have to be concerned about toxicity. Also you'd need a paint that would stay on under water. It might be simpler to stick with the epoxy.

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

I'd go with black. Any other color looks pretty nasty once the coating of algae starts to grow on the pond walls. You can't keep the algae off...it is normal and healthy and should be left alone. But against any color, it looks bad. That's why pond liners are usually always black. The black will not be so dark once the water is in and the algae starts to grow.

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Thanks to you all who answered ~ The pond guy was able to tint the 2nd epoxy coat a tan color - it looks so much better. Not sure what it will look like re the algae but I think it will be O.K.

I don't know why the pool place said you couldn't tint epoxy, but you can. We did and it looks good.


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