Worth transplanting and saving? Leggy lilac...

cadillactasteMay 6, 2013

We purchased the cottage diagonal from us...to use as my husband's shop and garage. (Also to avoid anyone moving in who may disturb our peaceful neck of the woods)

We eventually plan on adding to this side of the cottage where the shrub is...noticed the blooms. Real leggy...not sure it is worth the endeavor. I have a backyard hillside waterfall. Which is in full sun. Curious if I should plant it over in that area or not. Because it does needs landscaped.

Your opinions please...

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Then there is this gangly thing beside it...lilac as well.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

unlike the other .. this one you could tear it out with the truck.. and replant it anywhere you want.. and have 90% chance of success ...

if you gently grab the sucker.. in the 2nd pic.. and tug on it.. you will probably expose some roots.. snip it off with the root attached .. and there is your plant ... a duplicate ....

these are a full sun plant.. once they get over transplant shock ...

next spring.. after bloom.. i would whack down that whole top part.. and let it rejuvenate from down low ...

you will have to try real hard to kill a lilac ...

this one is NOT worth paying someone to move ....

ken.. in adrian mi

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Thanks! So the sucker can actually take root as a lilac bush then...interesting!
Next spring after it blooms the. Cut it down...to the V in the tree/bush then or below it? (Sorry so new at this) they are currently in shade. Getting little to no sun.

The bigger one yank out...gotcha! Thanks again...

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When would be ideal to do this? We live in NE Ohio.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok.. not MI ...

with this plant... bulletproof as it is.. as soon as its done flowering...

but dont let the root mass dry out for the rest of the summer ....

it does NOT have to be sodden ... just dont let it go into drought for a month ...

the sucker... i would put it in a one gallon pot with good potting media ... and put it near the water spigot in the shade.. for the summer.. to grow a root mass.. and plant it where you want it.. in mid fall ... [mostly because i tend to forget where i put babes like that.. and if its near the spigot.. well.. it gets water.. lol ] .. oh boy.. another pun ....


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Think it will lose its ugliness though? I keep seeing pretty full ones everywhere. That I wonder if it will pay off with this scraggly thing. If there is a chance then I will do so.

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Once it gets settled in you can prune it and it will come back full, but give it a year or 2 before doing any severe pruning so that it has a chance to grow good roots. If it's really happy it may fill in on its own and not need pruning.

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Thanks...I may give these to my dad...my husband doesn't wish to have the gangly things in the yard. But I do plan on saving them...dad lives out on a farm. I'm sure his wife would enjoy them.

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