Germinating Michelia champaca?

tropicdudeOctober 7, 2008

Hello, I have searched the the forum on instructions for germinating Michelia champaca seeds, but couldnt find anything, seems most folks just buy the plants and most information I have found is on how to care for plants already grown, Im overseas and cannot import live plants easily.

Should I soak seeds? scarify? do they need light, shade etc.?

So far I have this information:

* Seeds are up to 80 viable for Michelia champaca yellow

and 5% for "Alba" white variety.

* Plants do not like to be transplanted,

( which leads me to the question of, at what time should seedlings be planted to their permanent home?)

* Soil should be well drained, hummus rich.

Climate should be Ideal at my location in the tropics, hot and humid.

Any seed germinating and other tips would be appreciated thank you.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

I have only propagated this plant from cuttings. Have no information on seed germination BUT if I were to try i would scar/nick the seed then soak in water for 12-24 hours. lightly cover with a soil temperature 75 to 80F.
If you do try please post results on forum to let us know.

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Thanks for the Information, I will try that, I have about 10 seeds , so I will do half with nick and soak, the other half without nick, and see how it goes.

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Hi tropicdude
I have just got some champaca seeds as well. How did your experience with germinating them go back in Oct 2008? I would be very interested to hear from you. Thank you.

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I tried the following during August 2010:
Obtain seeds as fresh as possible.
Remove the reddish aril (aril was quite oily) completely by washing with water and gentle rubbing.
File a small area of seed (black/dark brown) with an emery board.
Soak in water approx. 2 hours.
Mix 2 parts multipurpose compost and 1 part sharp sand.
Fill clear colourless plastic pots (has layer of grit at the bottom) with compost.
Water the compost and allow water to drain from the bottom of pot,
Make a hole (about 1cm-cube or approx size of seed) at the edge of the compost with the pot, put seed in and cover with compost.
Stretch clingfilm over the top of pots and tie with rubber band.
Put pots on foil-lined tray to reflect light and in sunniest spot in the house.
I watered sparingly from the base of pot after planting if the compost looked dry.
After 32 days I had 1 (of 12 seeds) germinated.

I found it useful to read this article (found it by google)
Revista Arvore
Print version ISSN 0100-6762
Rev. Arvore vol.28 no.3 Vicosa May/June 2004
doi: 10.1590/S0100-67622004000300002
"Seed germination and removal of Michelia champaca L. (Magnoliaceae) in eucalypt stands: the influence of the aril"
"Germina��o e remo��o de sementes de Michelia champaca L. (Magnoliaceae) em talh�es de eucalipto: influ�ncia do arilo"
by Giovano Candiani, Mauro Galetti and Victor Jose Mendes Cardoso

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sreedevi_alla(Gold River,CA)

Any one has Champaca seeds to share please?


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First one is he raw seed of Michelia Champaka, and second one is the ripe one which is matured to the level of sowing.

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