Please help me choose a climbing rose

fluffybuttMarch 11, 2013

I'm a newbie to roses other than knockouts, but I do love to garden. I would like to get a climbing rose for the spot on the fireplace wall. The existing trellis will be removed and replaced with a new one on the wall. Zone 7, the spot gets afternoon sun around 1pm or so, and the soil is heavy clay which will be amended with peat moss and cow manure. I would like something very disease resistant. Oh and I thought pink would work best against the house color. What do you think? Would Laguna, Meteor or Parade work here, or do you have any other suggestions. I was set on getting Zephirine Drouhin until I did a little research and read about all of the black spot issues. Also, what size range would be best? I'd like it to go up the trellis but not take over the place. I'd really appreciate your help!

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I do not grow it, but I've heard wonderful things about "New Dawn." It is a large flowered pink climber and part of the "earth friendly" collection. Meaning it is very disease resistant.

I looked up Laguna as well. Again, I have not grown this one either, but it is a newer Kordes. Kordes started a breeding program about 25 years ago where they do not spray any of their roses. The modern Kordes, as a result, are very disease resistant. IF you can find it in the United States, I would imagine that that is a very good bush. Kordes is a German breeder, so not all of their roses make it to the United States.

Here is a link that might be useful: HMF - New Dawn

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I got a Galway Bay from Hortico years ago and it is a great rose.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

'Laguna' is vigorous and I do not think it would fit into a space that size. Mine is 15' wide and 10' tall. Also nasty wicked thorns. (Otherwise it is nice.)

Generally low and wide works better as a support structure than tall and narrow. Low and wide enables you to fan the canes out at a somewhat horizontal angle, which encourages more flowers. It also makes them much easier to trim and deadhead when you can reach most or all of the rose.

If you have never grown a climbing rose before try to select one that doesn't have too many thorns. They are a lot easier to work with.

Look at 'Jasmina' instead of 'Laguna'. Maybe 'Berries n Cream'. But on that structure if it was mine I would put a Clematis, not a rose.

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Thank you for your responses! When searching about roses, I found the most helpful information came from here.

The New Dawn is beautiful but I bet that will be too big too. I was looking at William Baffin because of the color but if Laguna is too big, then I guess WB will be as well. I will check out the other ones suggested.

There is a little clematis there (not sure the variety). What about Tausendschön or Jeanne La Joie? I'm looking at the Palatine website and those seem to be smaller varieties. Lighter pink but maybe the size would work better. I'd love something to mix in with the clematis or is it really not a good idea for this spot?

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Ok, I think I'm going in the right direction. The Jean Lajoie is a miniature but still gets 6-10 ft tall so I'll have the height, one site says it can take some shade. If I mix in a deeper pink clematis then maybe I can have the look I'm going for with a smaller climber. I like the Jasmina too. Which would be better?

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

You might take a look at Colette on HMF. I've only had mine a year, but I'm really pleased so far, and she started blooming right off. I have some experience with several New Dawn, and believe me, she's a monster with monstrous thorns. I heaved a sigh of relief when we dug out the last one a year ago. It took a tremendous amount of work just trying to keep that rose in line--an impossible task for me, since we didn't have the room, and it looks like you probably don't either. Diane

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

'Colette' is very nice indeed if you can find it, and would be of a manageable size. It's more of an apricot than pink.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Is Colette really that difficult to obtain? I got mine here in Boise last year at my favorite nursery,and I think It's available again this year, as well as Jeanne laJoie. Too bad they don't ship. But it's got to be available online. Hortico, maybe? Diane

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I hadn't thought of a rose the color of Colette but boy is she pretty! I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get. It's so hard to choose just one and have it be the right one.

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Ok, I have been doing a lot of reading and I'm hearing that since the location gets only afternoon sun, that it's not a good location for a rose. So even if I get the size right, the exposure might be an issue. I guess I'll have just to be satisfied with clematis. Perhaps I can find another spot for a rose.

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Russelliana (David Austin). I have one planted on a bank. Very hearty and doesn't get a lot of sun. It was one that I have let go native, no care other than watering.

(Multiflora) Thought to be R. multiflora x R. rugosa cross. Small, semi-double, crimson-purple flowers. Free-flowering, producing little clusters of blooms which create a pleasing effect. Old Rose fragrance. This is a very robust, thorny rambling rose, ideal for difficult conditions. Sometimes known as 'Old Spanish Rose'. 20 ft.

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I have been very pleased with Rosarium Uetersen in its first year. Perhaps others can comment about whether it is too rampant. The color is strong, but not garish to my eye, and I believe it would look good against the gray background.
I'm not a New Dawn fan--overbearing growth, little repeat, and a bloom that doesn't hold that well here. Colette has disappointed in its first two years because it hasn't held that well in some very hot springs.

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