Seed ripening

wendeyzee(z5Wa)October 19, 2010

Hello, I'm wondering will plants continue to ripen seeds after they have been hit by hard frost?

Thanks Wendey

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I was wondering the exact same thing. I know I got hit with a light frost and some of my balloon flower one of the seed pods opened up a few weeks after. A hard frost I do not know, and I can only hope they are still viable since I know they were not fully mature before the frost hit.

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If the plant survived the frost then the seed will continue to ripen..... This means the seed will continue to store nutrients & hormones that will enable it to germinate in the spring..... If the plant is frozen then no more sugars/oils & hormones so the seed will not ripen.

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Thank you!! I guess I was lucky to get one nice ripe zinnia head from zowie before they froze, but not so lucky with Oklahoma cherry, I dont think I got a single ripe head from it, which is a shame because I havent seen it offered as a single color for years!

Thanks again,

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