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gaileeMarch 29, 2012

I have a rose that was here when we moved in, I have tried , with no success,to keep it going, it gets worse every year. I would love to replace it with a desease free one. one that blooms all year would be a bonus. any one know of one.I had good luck in Fla.but have had no luck here in Tn.

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Is Blackspot the issue for you? Are you interested in just the repeat blooming types, or are the older, once-blooming types acceptable as well? What climate zone are you in?

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I am just outside Knoxville,Jefferson City. It was mainly a white powder like stuff all over it. and every thing else known to roses.I would love a repeat bloomer. In fla I had a whole bed that was not as much of a problem as this one. Thank you for responding.

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seil zone 6b MI

It sounds like powdery mildew. There are things you can spray for that if you decide you want to. Otherwise I'm sure there are climbers that will grow healthier in your area. What you need to do is find your local rose society and talk with them. They'll have a much better idea of what are the most disease resistant types for your area. Go to the American Rose Society's web site and look up a society in your area and contact them. They're always happy to talk roses!

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