Recommend bird shrub for NW side of house

sujiwan_gwMay 19, 2014

I'm starting a bird and butterfly friendly garden along the rear of my property. There's an area on the western facing side of the kitchen (NW corner of house, 10 ft tall to roof line) where I have about 60 sf of potential planting space. The house is stone, so there will be some reflected heat, but there are also some trees and shrubs about 15 feet away that mitigate direct sun somewhat. It's shady enough further back to grow a yew 12 feet away, though not luxuriously. Soil is thin and crappy all over my yard, but I can amend it. Hose is close by for water.

What kind of shrub that attracts song birds would like these conditions? Anything that would be fragrant ( kitchen window and door to stoop are close by)?

North central MD, zone 6b

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Well, resident and early migrating robins as well as cedar waxwings love holly berries in late winter. Mockingbirds like to nest in them as well. Cat birds love to hang out in the dense foliage.

Ilex 'Nellie Stevens' has a soft fragrance. You also get the evergreen glossy foliage year round.

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