Iris - 2 types

lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)October 23, 2010

I was wondering something. I have 2 different types of Iris seeds and I am in zone 5. One is a very few Siberian Iris and the other is unknown iris. (I was told it looks scrawny but pretty) Anyway, I have a garden bed I planted some dutch iris bulbs in and was wondering if I could just put the seeds in that bed now (end of October) and let mother nature do the rest since they need stratification or will I be better off WS'ing? If anyone has had luck direct sowing them, PLMK as I will only have these and the dutch iris bulbs in this area...

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you need to knick the seed & soak in water for 2 days then store at 70F for 4 weeks (there is still time & consider time already spent in house) THEN>>>>do not cover the seed & sow in your chozen area..... Keep in mind that the seed will be considered food for mice, birds, & insects

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I have grown them in the house in a window box over the winter to give them a head start. Remember :it takes 3 years from seed to bloom for irises.

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direct sowing now (in theory) works, but as previous posters have mentioned, your seeds will probably be eaten. I have had better luck WSing than direct seeding in the fall (it may just be because we have unusualy high numbers of squirrels around here). If you choose to direct sow, remember to mark the location you sowed. I have made the mistake of weeding selfsowing annuals and direct seeded annuals mistaking them for weeds as i had forgot I sowed seeds there in the fall.

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Randi - I winter sowed Siberian iris seeds last year and they germinated fine. They grew nearly a foot tall and have yet to go dormant.

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lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)

Thanks for the replys!!


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Winter Sowing iris is the way to go for success.

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