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subtropixMay 1, 2012

Today, I was weeding around my lilac and crape myrtles and noticed lots of plants emerging from the surrounding area that appeared to be lilac--in other words, the plants were growing from the ground and spreading around the single lilac bush I originally planted--almost invasively toward the crapes. I did not realize lilac did this--if it is in fact, lilac. Also, can I propagate the plants this way. Thanks in advance.

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I believe the answers are yes and yes.

lilacs tend to sucker and these suckers are able to be removed from the parent and transplanted. do some digging and you'll find out what the roots look like on the suckering stems.

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I have discovered that can also seed themselves quite competently as is the case with the Preston lilac growing next door.

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In a related question is there a way to encourage suckering? I am trying to grow a hedge and want the plants to spread out in between the origional plantings. Should I mulch the row? Will that remove the competition from the grass growing there now and will the shoots be strong enough to break through a layer of thick mulch?

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

CH, as another lilac hedge aspirant :) I bet if you tell people that you want lilac suckers you'll be showered with them, and then you can just stick them in the ground and see what they do. I got lucky and found a lady who wanted to get rid of her patch of lilacs. I went with a shovel and filled my truck, so keep an eye on craigslist too. I've also been told that if you mulch lilacs with compost, you won't get blooms but they'll grow foliage like crazy, and you profit in later years. Haven't tried that though.

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