Help Germinating Aconitum Napellus

NemJones(5)October 31, 2012

Hello everyone,

A couple weeks ago I ordered some monks hood seeds (aconitum napellus) and im having a few problems germinating the seeds.

(I have to grow indoors right now.)

I tried a couple methods, and waiting on a set right now.

First method was to plant a few seeds in a pot, and let it

sit in the fridge for a couple weeks, to bring them out of dormancy. No seedlings for atleast 2 weeks now.

The other method was soak the seeds for 2 weeks in a

refrigerator, changing water daily, then setting them on a

sterilized paper towel and monitor for rooting. Been waiting about 4 days now.

If anyone can offer any INDOOR growing for aconitum napellus, that would be greatly appreciated.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Your expectations of how long germination is going to take needs an adjustment - aconitum from dried commercial seed takes patience. And when some germination does take place, it can be erratic, meaning not all seedlings will appear at the same time - they may be days, or weeks apart.

Self sown by the plants, the seeds would be exposed to warm (relatively speaking) Fall rains, then a cold moist winter, to germinate close to Spring when temps begin to warm again.
As monkshood from commerical seed can be difficult, sometimes best to try copying mother nature.

You can do that by giving the seeds a warm moist period of 2-4 weeks, moving to 40F for 6 weeks, then bringing back to warm.

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Morz8, thanks for the help, but I do know they have differing periods of germination. I had atleast 3 sets sitting in 30-40
F temperature for 3-4 weeks, and still waiting for germination. I do know they have different temp ranges.. so I guess keep on waiting..

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