White climbing American Beauty cl

rehabbingisgreenMarch 13, 2011

Does anyone have any info on this rose? If it needs full sun or will tolerate any shade? Size to expect in a zone 5A? Oh or any photo's? I'm not finding much info on her. I'm thinking of putting her at the back of my rose bed on the NE side of the house. Plenty of sun there but if she tolerates more shade I may choose another location.

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Sorry that I can't answer your questions, but I am very curious about one thing: Where did you find a Climbing White American Beauty?

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Im told thats what the rose is.

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There have been two roses called "White American Beauty". One is still in commerce, Frau Karl Druschki. The other is a Wichurana hybrid which hasn't been commercially available for many years. So, if you have "Cl. White American Beauty", it SHOULD look like this (link below). If it does, no, it is not shade tolerant. Mildew is a known problem with Frau Karl, though it is one of the better Hybrid Perpetuals remaining in commerce.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frau Karl Druschki on HMF

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I've been looking for a white rose, and today at Aldi's grocery store, I found a "White American Beauty Climbing Rose". If it looks anything like the picture on the package, I will be very happy. I was not aware of such a white rose until today. Are they rare?

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

As I recall, the true "American Beauty" rose is a deep pink shrub, and a very finicky grower, but so beautiful that other similar looking roses were called "American Beauty" to ride on its coattails. So there are other roses out there called "American Beauty" but they aren't necessarily the same thing. Frau Karl Drushki was called White American Beauty because a) calling anything "American Beauty" increased sales and b) we were at war with Germany at the time so German names were a big no-no in the American marketplace.

HelpMeFind does not list any North American nurseries selling White American Beauty, Cl. All the ones that do have it are in Europe and are selling it as Frau Karl Drushki, Cl. Buying one in the US seems to mean getting an imposter. But if you're happy with it, who cares!

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Well my rose is in the ground and looking so far so good so if I get blooms this year I'll be posting pictures. This should be fun :)

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

While searching for white climbing roses I found this thread.

Do either of these start with a white bud with a pink tinge on the edges?

Our first bud is not open yet, but it seems to have an apple scent. We have no idea when the rose was planted, just one of those it seems like it was always there.

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I found this rose a few days ago at a Big Lots store in Colorado for under $4. It says it is from Tyler Rose Nursery in Tyler, TX.

(I know this thread is a couple of years old, but thought I'd pass along the info.)

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seil zone 6b MI

I just received a catalog from Burgess Seeds and they have a Cl. White American Beauty rose listed in there. They also have a whole collection of roses you can get that only have colors for names, Yellow Rose, Pink, Crimson, etc Who knows what these roses really are. It may be a white rose but what kind, climber or not, or what variety it is will all a guess.

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